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Patricia Kilday Hart today follows up on her column from last Friday’s Chron and Burkablog’s take yesterday on the lack of leadership from H-Town’s and the Lone Star State’s business community.  Her column last Friday talked about the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) CEO standing behind Guv Dude and Dude’s pledge to nowhere.   Of course, you can only read Hart’s piece if you are old school like Commentary and have your fish wrap delivered or if you buy one at a convenience store.

Commentary would like to think that Hart and Burkablog have the big names in the local business community thinking about stepping up to the plate but they are not.  They’re not dummies.  They don’t want to step out and have the Tea Baggers attack them and threaten to boycott their businesses or products.  The last thing they want is to be a part of these highly partisan climate wars.  As long as their bottom line is doing OK, why take the risk of getting cut up.

About the only ones that are somewhat concerned are the members of the GHP Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee who are probably a little miffed that their CEO is making the GHP look like Dude’s lapdog.  Well they can do something about this but they won’t.

This baseball season the Chron has been doing “Top 50 Astros Moments.”  Today’s feature is on the team trading for Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson in 1998.  Of course, the feature isn’t online yet.   We had “The Big Unit” for a little over 2 months and he made 11 regular season starts.  What was his won-loss record, his ERA, and what numero was on his jersey during those two months plus?

Some fella proposed yesterday to shrink the Astrodome.  Here is from the Chron:

“For the longest time, Sports and Convention Corporation, Commissioner’s Court, everybody involved has sought individuals, companies, anybody that wants to do something with the Dome,” Harris County judge Ed Emmett said. “But nobody’s been able to come up with the money to convert it into anything.”

Here is the Chron piece.

If you want to be a delegate to the Lone Star State Dem Convention but did not attend your SD Convention you can still go.   Call the local Dem Party today for info. If you live in the H-Town area, why not, the Convention is being held in H-Town. 

Former ‘Stros President of Baseball Operations Tal Smith is now advising the Sugar Land Skeeters, an independent minor league club.  Commentary is really not into minor league baseball.  I have nothing against it but my commitment is to the ‘Stros so I have never been to Whataburger Field or Dell Diamond.  The last minor league game I attended was over 50 years ago at Buff Stadium.  Good luck Tal.

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson went 10-1, he had a 1.28 ERA, and he wore the numero 51 of course as a ‘Stro for a little over two months in 1998. 

We’re 6-12 and tied for last.


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