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Commentary spent this past Saturday morning and early afternoon at my SD 15 Convention.  I kind of listened to all of the candidates as they addressed the convention delegates including Judge Steve Kirkland.  I don’t think I saw his opponent.  I was in the auditorium most of the time. Same goes for Chairman Lane Lewis’ opponent.  Did I miss their speeches or did they just not drop by SD 15?  I wonder if they dropped by any of the other SDs.

Judge Kirkland’s opponent also sent out an email this morning titled “you people already have 5 seats….”  Oh, well!

What does Commentary know anyway?  I picked the under for our Senatorial District Convention and in SD 15 we had 184 sign-ins to lead the other SDs in the county.  In SD 15 I have to give congrats to Zeph Capo and his crew for doing a great job.  I also have to give congrats to The Dean and Rep. Sylvester Turner for being there and showing leadership and support.  Both also gave outstanding speeches.  I like the make-up of our SD.

Mary Flood Nugent informed me at the SD Convention that Precinct 40 (Poe Elementary) was a redistricting casualty and chopped up.  That’s too bad. 

Yesterday’s score at The Yard:  ‘Stros 12, Dodgers 0.  When was the last time the ‘Stros beat a team by a 12-0 score?

Commentary was watching KPRC-TV’s “Houston Newsmakers” yesterday morning and GOP State Sen. Dan Patrick was one of the guests.  He was talking about the race for Prez and he tried to make a comparison to other Prez races and he said “not since the 1950 Presidential election…..”  Duh!  There wasn’t a Prez election in 1950. 

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart’s tape delayed piece about the Greater Houston Partnership CEO not knowing what Guv Dude was up to last week on the pledge to nowhere.

Yeah, sure!

This is a good week if you are a trial watcher.  Our 2004 VP candidate John Edwards has his day in court.  One of the HPD officers on the video in the Chad Holley beating goes to trial.  Things get going in DC with The Rocket’s case.

The ‘Stros beat the Rockies 12-0 on July 1, 2007 of course at The Yard just a few days after B-G-O hit his 3,000th base hit off of the Rockies.

Friday night at The Yard they handed out Colt 45s jerseys without the revolver on them and without the 45s – huh!  It just said “Colts.”  We were never the “Colts”.  Indy has the “Colts” and B’More had the “Colts.”

Dante and Commentary kind of baked in the sun yesterday at The Yard.  It was a tad warm.  It was nice to see Jordan Schafer hit a grand salami in the second inning that cost Denny’s a few bucks as every fan in attendance got a coupon for a free Original Grand Salami, err Slam Breakfast with the purchase of a beverage of course – cool!


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