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Commentary doesn’t like to start beefs, so I won’t.  But why does Chron.com have to tape delay Patricia Kilday Hart’s column?  They don’t tape delay the scores from last night’s games or their daily E-Board takes or the obits. What’s up with that?

Old school Commentary every now and then will mention Hart’s piece from the fish wrap and folks that only have the online version of the Chron want to know what I’m talking about so I’ll have to take the time to ‘splain stuff – at no charge might I add.

Today Hart kind of questions why the CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership was standing with Guv Dude when Dude announced his no new whatever pledge.   The CEO said he didn’t know what Dude was going to say or something like that.

I don’t know about that.  The CEO used to work for Dude and he has an extensive political background.  Here is from the Bloomberg Businessweek website:

Prior to joining the Partnership, (Jeff) Moseley was the CEO of the Office of the Governor for Economic Development and Tourism, a position he held from 2003 to 2005.


Moseley was also instrumental in overseeing the $295 million Texas Enterprise Fund, landing the $3 billion Texas Instruments expansion, and closing the Citgo move to Houston. Before joining the Governor’s Office, Moseley was elected to three terms as Denton County judge.


Moseley served as Denton County Justice of the Peace from 1987 to 1990.

Maybe the CEO hasn’t been paying attention to what Dude has been up to the last 16 months or so – yeah, sure.

Will the Chron.com please stop tape delaying Patricia Kilday Hart so everybody can have fresh takes on her interesting and sometimes provoking columns! 

The “Flashback Friday” is celebrated at The Yard tonight with Larry Dierker throwing out the first pitch.  Of course everybody knows that Dierk threw a no-no against the Expos back in 1976 and everybody also knows that the team has thrown 10 no-nos in club history.  Of the 10 no-nos, is any opposing team on the list of 10 more than once?

Here is what Joe Holley of the Chron posted yesterday:

Harris County Democrats are holding their senatorial conventions tomorrow (Saturday, April 21). Each Democratic senatorial district will hold its own convention and will select delegates to the Democratic State Convention here in Houston June 7-8. Delegates selected at the state convention will go on to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Your voter registration card will tell you the number of your Senate district. Here’s where they’re meeting:

I don’t know about that.  We haven’t received out new voter registration cards so if some Dems from Montrose believe the Chron, they’re going to head out to TSU tomorrow morning instead of Booker T – yikes!

Of course, I’ll be there with The Dean tomorrow to welcome the Montrose Dems to SD 15.  I’m taking the under on attendance tomorrow since we’re doing it differently, err backwards.

The Reds and The ATL of course have been ‘Stro no-no victims twice – Ken Johnson (1964 – Reds), Don Wilson (1967 – The ATL, 1969 – Reds), and Ken Forsch (1979 – The ATL).

We set a team record with 3 triples in one inning last night and come home at 5-8 for three against LA.  Let’s hope we wrap things up early at SD 15 tomorrow so I can get to The Yard in time to pick up a green lid.



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