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My pal Jay Root from the Texas Tribune has a piece today on Guv Dude and 2014.  Check it out here.
I want to say Dude’s just talking smack but you never know with Dude.  Surely somebody close to him is telling him that he would have so much baggage in 2016 that he would just be accelerating the Dems return to power.  Don’t you think?   I would hope that he runs again.

There is also talk that Dude is thinking about running for Prez in 2016.  Surely he must be kidding – right?  His 2012 effort was one of the most ridiculed Prez campaigns of all time.    Some of his folks need to find a hobby that doesn’t involve politics. 

Here is an easy one.  Name the only former ‘Stro that has ever been in uniform and sat in the ‘Stros dugout during a game at Colt Stadium, the Astrodome, and The Yard?

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart’s story on Judge Kirkland and his opponent.
Stay tuned as I got a nice Judge Kirkland mailer yesterday.  Good job to his mail crew!

CEWDEM sent out a piece from the Lone Star Project about the race for Congress up in CD 33.  I don’t think the Lone Star Project cares much about Domingo Garcia.  I don’t think they ever have.

Burkablog has a piece today on GOP Party purity. 
Check it out here.
Burkablog also says that the face and the future of the Lone Star State Dem Party ought to be the GOP Texas House Speaker.  Well, the GOP Speaker doesn’t act like he wants this role.

Commentary grew up with Dick Clark and “American Bandstand” and I’ve been humming that tune for the past 16 hours or so since I heard that he left us. 

I wonder what is the over/under for the Dem Senatorial District Conventions this Saturday.

Former ‘Stro Larry Dierker of course once wore the Colts 45 uniform at Colt Stadium, he wore the blue and orange and gold at the Astrodome, and he wore the brick red at The Yard.

The team is 4-8 as we lost another one run game last night – arrgh!


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