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Channel 2 came out in support of Southwest this morning.  Of course, Channel 2 doesn’t sit at the H-Town City Council table and doesn’t have a vote.  The Chron pretty much summed up yesterday’s joint committee hearing.  This one is going to get more interesting.

Check out today’s Chron.com here.

You can also check yesterday’s Chron.com here.

Will somebody please stop Guv Dude from being Guv Dude!   Will somebody please take away the choo choo train hat he likes to wear?  I kind of agree with Burkablog on Dude’s no tax pledge:

There is something about this that is sad, on a human level. He has nothing to do except reflect on his rejection in the presidential race and struggle to stay relevant. Several members of his inner circle recognized that the end of the Perry era is near and found jobs in the private sector. The fear that he once generated is gone. The pledge gimmick will not find sufficient traction to make a difference. This is what happens when you stay too long at the dance.

Here is all of Burkablog.

Of course we all know that ‘Stro catcher Jason Castro went to Stanford.  Name the other ‘Stro player that played at Stanford?

There is a story today in the Chron on how much it would really cost to tear down the Astrodome.  I can’t find the story online but it is in my hard copy.   This is the first time the Chron has written a story like this.  I think folks are seeing the handwriting on the wall that I have been talking about for years.

ROADWomen will meet tonight and hold a forum for Dem candidates for State Board of Education, District 6 at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 1805 West Alabama.  Fellowship at 5:30 pm, Program at 6:00 pm – Commentary’s client, SBOE District 6 candidate Traci Jensen, will be there – and you? 

The Lite Guv must be worried about Ted Cruz.  He has an attack ad that’s running that say Cruz defends Chinese companies against U.S. of A. companies. 

Now I know what the “Secret” in Secret Service means.

‘Stros shortstop Jed Lowrie of course played at Stanford and Jed is celebrating his 28th BD today in D.C. as the ‘Stros are now 4-6 and move up to 26 (from last week’s 30) in the ESPN MLB Power Rankings.


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