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Last week Harris County Democratic Party Chair candidate Kerly Douglas held a press conference to deny that her campaign sent out that gay bashing hate email about Lane Lewis our Harris County Democratic Party Chair.  Yes, let me repeat, our Harris County Democratic Party Chair. 

Noel Freeman, President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, put out an email last week saying he had figured out that the Douglas Campaign had indeed put out the hate trash.  Freeman said:

“They were identical. The metadata that was attached was identical, and it says Keryl Douglas campaign.  You’d be amazed at how stupid people can be about this stuff.”

Last Friday Commentary said:

“If you are old school like Commentary and pick up your fish wrap on the driveway every morning then you probably saw Patricia Kilday Hart’s piece on the Keryl Douglas hate email that went out earlier this week.  I would have come down a lot harder on Douglas.”

Here is what Kuffer says:

Finally, from Patricia Kilday Hart, who unfortunately treats this as a he-said/she-said dispute instead of exhibiting any curiosity about whether the objective claim being made about the “Ministers for Keryl” email is, you know, factually correct or not:

Here is all of Kuffer.

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart.

More from Kuffer today on the source of the hate email.

At her press conference last Thursday, Keryl Douglas was joined by one of the Kubosh brothers.  Now that ought to concern local Dems.  I personally don’t have anything against the Kuboshers but they generally support GOP candidates and policies.  Two years ago they put up the money to roll over the well funded red light camera forces.  How do we know they are not going pour a wad of dough into the Douglas campaign?  Not once have I ever heard a Kubosher say they are working for the best interest of the Democratic Party. 

In case you hadn’t heard, some folks are getting their mail ballots today so the voting has begun and what are folks doing to help out Lane Lewis?  We’re going to have a low turnout.  Historically, nobody generally gives a rat’s arse about Dem Party Chair races in these parts. The Chair’s race is the last race on the ballot but could arguably be one of the most important. 

What happens if the Douglas campaign drops a couple or three or four targeted mail pieces in HD 131 and 146 where things are active right now?  You get picture, pardon the pun?

Democratic Party elected officials, organizations, donors, precinct judges, and activists that endorsed Lewis need to do their part to help get him elected.  Those Dem office holders that got a free pass and are running unopposed or have extra cash laying around need to fork some over to the Lewis campaign pronto.  The same goes for major donors.  Organizations and activists that can’t afford to give then need to do the next best thing.  Make sure everybody you know that goes to the poll votes on the last race on the ballot and make sure they vote for Lane and let them know what might happen if they skip this race.  Put it on your facebook, tweet it, whatever.

If anybody tells you – “aw, Lane doesn’t have a problem,” they don’t know what they are talking about.   Lane needs to get some mail out.  He has to have signs at all the polling places.  He needs robo calls.  A little over 100,000 voters or a 5.4% turnout voted in the 2010 Dem Primary in Harris County.  I don’t know how many are going to the polls this time around but they certainly need to know something about Lane Lewis and who is supporting him.

Let me repeat, thousands of 65 and older Dem voters will start voting today and are we comfortable that Lewis is getting the majority of their votes?   Yeah, yeah, sure, Lane has just about all of the endorsements from elected officials and organizations but do the 65 and older Dem voters know this today?

If we all don’t do our part thinking that somebody else will step up, then that’s what you call playing with fire.   Let’s take care of business because it sure beats one big PR problem the Dem Party will have the evening of May 29 if we don’t.

I don’t want to have to quote Don Corleone when he was addressing the other families:  “Then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room.  And that I do not forgive.”

How many current or former MLBers have ever hosted “Saturday Night Live”?

Commentary forgot to mention the Chron E-Board’s take on the Texas Ethics Commission this past Friday.  The E-Board is all for giving the Ethics Commission Jaws-like authority.  This is how the piece ends:

The TEC needs to go after the big sharks in Austin, like unregistered lobbyists and those elected officials whose extravagant lifestyles hint at under-the-table donations. But since its creation, the TEC has been hampered by weak authority and distracted by minor violations. The best way to go after the big fish is to give the TEC some teeth and let it be a shark.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

KPRC-TV’s Khambrel Marshall is now hosting a Sunday morning show on local newsmakers.  One of the topics that he addressed yesterday was the Southwest versus United air war.  A couple of H-Town City Council committees will jointly take up the air war topic today.

Three former and current MLBers of course have hosted SNL:  Bob Uecker (1984), the late Billy Martin (1986), and Derek Jeter (2001).

‘Stros left fielder J.D. Martinez had the first ever dinger at Fish Field this past Friday night.    Fish second baseman Omar Infante had the first ever Fish dinger for a Fish at Fish Field yesterday and that weird dinger sculpture in left center field started dinging like a winning slot machine. We’re 4-5 and in our nation’s capitol today.


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