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According to Burkablog, Guv Dude has decided to run again for reelection.  This is all Burkablog had to say on the matter:

Perry tells fundraiser crowd he’s running in 2014.  So I am told by an eyewitness. Not exactly music to Greg Abbott’s ears.

Commentary hopes he does run and hopes he wins the GOP nomination.  I think he could be beat in the general election.  Of course, if the folks that are running the Lone Star Dem Party these days are still in charge in 2014, then Dems can forget about beating Dude.   We need a fresh candidate with a fresh team.  Stay tuned!

I picked this up from a story in the SA Express News about the San Antonio Mayor criticizing GOP Marco Rubio’s DREAM Act proposal:

A recent Pew Hispanic Center poll showed 91 percent of Hispanics favor the DREAM act.

Check out the story here.

Last night future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones of The ATL played his last game at The Yard (unless we meet up with The ATL in the playoffs).  Here’s a twofer:  In what round was he selected in the MLB Amateur Player Draft and did he ever win the NL MVP Award?

Around this time in 1984, my friend Ambassador Bob Krueger, then State Sen. Lloyd Doggett, and then Cong. Kent Hance were locked in a battle for the Dem nomination for U.S. Senate for the seat being vacated by the late Sen. John Tower.  In one of the closest Dem primary statewide race ever, they finished in this order:  Hance, Doggett, and Krueger with 1,560 votes separating Hance from Krueger.  Doggett ended up edging out Hance in the runoff and got clobbered by Phil Gramm in the general.

CEWDEM sent out a note last night that Ambassador Krueger and his wife Kathleen, a former New Braunfels Mayor Pro Tem, endorsed Sylvia Romo for Congress in the 35th Congressional District Dem Primary race.  Oh did I mention that Romo is running against Cong. Lloyd Doggett.  Oh, well!

In the latest on the air wars, the Southwest mantra appears to be “Free Hobby!”  Southwest supporters are sending out emails to some members of the H-Town City Council with the “Free Hobby” line attached.

Chipper Jones was the first pick in the first round of course of the 1990 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  He won the NL MVP Award in 1999 of course when he hit .319 with 45 dingers and 110 RBIs. 

We’re three and three with today off before we head to Little Havana and play our first game ever at Fish Field. 


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