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The supporters of Harris County Democratic Party Chair candidate Keryl Douglas have injected a hate strategy to help them win on May 29 – I guess?  The gay bashing email that was sent out yesterday that just about every Dem with a computer commented on struck me as kind of odd, convoluted, sad, and stupid.  What’s the point other than letting us know they’re arseholes?  I guess I got complacent and thought the hate mongers were no longer part of our local Party.   I thought they had all been run out.  Let’s say Ms. Douglas wins on May 29, what kind of cooperation is she going to get from Dem activists during her two years as Chair of the Party?  Who in the heck is her consultant?  How do they figure that a hate strategy helps them win?  They would have been better off just hoping that by the time folks scrolled down to the end of the ballot (where you can find the Dem Party Chair race) her name sounded better than the Chairman’s.  What do I know?

The Statesman today has a story about the Sunset Advisory Commission suggesting that the Ethics Commission be given more authority.  I’m all for that.  Here is a bit from the Statesman:

When two prominent state House Republicans last week asked the Texas Ethics Commission to investigate a powerful special-interest group and its president for what they called illegal lobbying, Reps. Jim Keffer and Vicki Truitt said it was important for the state agency to stop the abuse.

But if history is a measure, odds are that little will happen — other than perhaps a fine.


"So far, they’ve been a toothless tiger — except for some fines for paperwork violations," said Fred Lewis, an Austin attorney and government watchdog.

But now, as the agency faces a state evaluation of its performance, which will be discussed in a public hearing today before the Sunset Advisory Commission, a series of recommended changes could fix some of that.

In its staff report, the sunset commission recommended that the ethics agency be allowed to resolve small paperwork complaints more easily to free up more resources to conduct investigations.

The Ethics Commission needs to be given more staff including investigators and they need to be independent and free of partisan control.  It would probably be a good idea if they would talk to folks like Commentary that can pretty much let them know how folks (my opponents) get away with stuff when it comes to campaign reports and expenditures.  Good luck!  I’d like to see major changes happen but I’m not holding my breath.

Here is the Statesman story.

From the Maxwell’s Hammer Department:  Last night new ‘Stro Justin Maxwell stepped up to the plate in his first at-bat wearing the brick yard and he smacked a pinch hit two-run dinger.  Maxwell was drafted by the Nationals in the fourth round of the 2005 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who did the Nationals draft in Round 1 of the 2005 Draft?

Things are fixing to get more interested at City Hall as the Aviation Director is supporting a proposal to let Southwest Airlines go international from Hobby.  I’m thinking a whole lot of folks are going to weigh in on this before it is over. 

Check out the Chron story here.

Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman of course was drafted in Round 1 by the Nationals in the 2005 Draft.

The team is 3-1 and they will be wearing the throwback six-shooter jerseys this evening.


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