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Well, today is Opening Day and Pam-In-Charge isn’t.  That’s too bad.  I have my Opening Weekend line-up set.  Bethany will go with me today, Dante tomorrow, and MariGirl on Sunday. 

I’m still among the most loyal of fans.  I’m still hoping for our first ever World Serious title.

I’m still wondering when we will get to return to play on Sunday night on ESPN.

I even have fantasize that we will somehow miraculously win the World Serious title this season and one next season and become the first MLB club to win World Serious titles in two different leagues.

I’m still waiting for a ‘Stro pitcher to hurl a no-no at The Yard.

Well, it can’t get worse than last season – can it?

It still is the best game ever invented though!

How’s your Good Friday going, James?  It’s a slow day so I got to go with the Chron’s Chris Moran’s take this morning in Chron.com about H-Town CM James Rodriguez and his colleague Helena Brown:

Evidence that District I Councilman James Rodriguez and District A Councilwoman Helena Brown won’t be going to lunch together soon continued to emerge Wednesday as they took opposite sides on what’s been the most heated issue of the year to date: feeding the homeless.

Rodriguez championed Mayor Annise Parker‘s initiative to regulate charitable meals as a way to coordinate giving so the most food gets to the most people and to curb the littering that occurs at feeding sites. Brown attacked the measure from the time it got to Rodriguez’s Quality of Life Committee and continued to criticize it the day after Council passed it on an 11-6 vote.

Though they’ve had a public confrontation in the past, Wednesday’s debate did not get personal. The only jibes they pointed at each other were silent and indirect — dueling tags. Brown put a tag (a parliamentary maneuver that delays action on an agenda item for a week) on $220,000 for the purchase of equipment for a library in Rodriguez’s district. Nine items later, Rodriguez tagged a $967,900 engineering contract for drainage and paving work in Brown’s district.

They’ll never be a tag team because she’s the “Tag Queen”….awwwww!

Opening Day at The Yard is today and as of this morning we don’t know if new ‘Stro Jed Lowrie will start at shortstop.  He’s a little dinged up.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts at shortstop?

The Chron E-Board is letting the H-Town Air War combatants know that they intend to pick a side.  They laid out a six point criteria in today’s edition.

Check it out here.

This fella won’t be at The Yard tonight.  Heck, I didn’t even know he was still around.  Check out a current photo of Charles Manson here.

Roger Metzger of course started at shortstop on eight Opening Days for the ‘Stros.

From Alyson’s Footnotes:   The Astros are the second-youngest team in the big leagues. The average age of their 25-man roster is 27.82 years, behind only the Royals, whose average age is 27.42.

Let’s play ball!


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