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44 years ago today Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

This morning the H-Town City Council will finally get around to deciding on an ordinance that deals with how you go about feeding the homeless in parts of Downtown and Midtown.  Some folks against the revised proposed ordinance showed up at City Hall yesterday wearing T-shirts that had The Mayor’s mug printed on them.   A lot of folks have put out their takes on the revised proposed ordinance.   I wonder if they have actually been out there to check out how folks go about handing out grub and if they leave a mess when they are done.   Commentary hasn’t been out there to observe.

I do know that H-Town CM James Rodriguez who represents the target areas has a lot of experience dealing with this issue.  I also know that groups that help the homeless also have extensive experience with this issue.  I also know that the folks that hand out the grub to the homeless also have experience.  I also know that the homeless that take the grub also have experience.  I don’t so I’ll just leave it to the folks that do have knowledge about this issue.

After Mitt Romney’s wins last night, there are only three people in the country that still think the GOP race for Prez isn’t over.

Opening Day at The Yard is this Friday and J.D. Martinez will start in left field against the Rockies.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts in left field?

The local media was invited to tour the Astrodome yesterday and the reports are pretty bleak and dismal.  You can go to the Houston Press or Chron.com to see some of the photos.   Those that went on the tour had to sign a waiver.  That ought to tell you something.  Slowly but surely folks will come around to thinking like Commentary on what to do with the Astrodome. 

Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuz of course started in left field on eight Opening Days.

From Chron.com:

The Reds need six wins to be the sixth team with 10,000, while the Astros need their exact total from last year, 56, to finish their NL tenure at 4,000.

Numero 45 needs 48 games to join Bobby Abreu as the only active players with 2,000 games and no World Series appearances.

I dropped by The Yard last night to check out the second-to-the-last exhibition game of the year and the price of a St. Arnold is still the same, the new five dollar beer comes in a tiny cup, and Platinum Security has replace Five Star – got it!



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