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Here is a head scratching story on the Latino vote. It is on the front page of the hard copy of the Chron.   Check it out here.
Let’s see now, the Lone Star State has lost around 100,000 registered Latino voters in the last couple of years.   Where did they go?  It doesn’t surprise Commentary.  We’re letting them get away because we haven’t engaged them…..tsk, tsk, tsk!

Katie Couric is subbing this week on “Good Morning America” so “The Today Show” has been put on hold for now.  Tomorrow, Governor Sarah Palin will co-host “The Today Show”.  I have to decide who gets the DVR treatment.

Opening Day at The Yard is this Friday and Wandy will be our starting pitcher against the Rockies.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts at catcher?

My pal Robert Miller headlines his take today as “Texas House – The Action is in the Primaries!”

Here is the intro:

We are now into April without a ruling from the D.C. court on pre-clearance.  I believe that the San Antonio court and the D.C. court have been communicating and coordinating all along, and the San Antonio court did not issue its interim maps without some comfort level that the D.C. court would not blow up the interim maps with an adverse pre-clearance ruling.


The Democratic and Republican primaries are where the majority of the action will be in the Texas House elections.  There are likely to be at most 10 competitive elections in November.  When all is said and done, there will be 90 to 95 Republicans in the House, down from 102 currently, and Democrats will number 55 to 60, up from 48.

Here is the entire piece.

The national political talking heads are saying that if Senator Santorum doesn’t pull off an upset tomorrow in Wisconsin that he’s done and the race is over.  If so, then the GOP Prez Primary in the Lone Star State on May 29 will be meaningless.  If it is meaningless then the turnout will be low so who does that help in the U.S. Senate race and in other local races over on the GOP side?  Stay tuned!

Brad Ausmus of course was the starting catcher for ‘Stros on nine Opening Days.

The ‘Stros announced yesterday that shortstop Marwin Gonzalez will be on the Opening Day roster.  Gonzalez is from Venezuela and has yet to have a regular season big league at-bat.  I wonder if Alyson Footnote will ask him where he got the name Marwin. 

Last year’s Opening Day starting first baseman for the ‘Stros, Brett Wallace, has been sent to Oklahoma City our Triple A affiliate.


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