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“If it wants to be the next Rick Perry, I’ve made up my mind”, is a stinging a line from today’s Doonesbury.  Check it out here.

The Lone Star State’s contribution to this year’s presidential race is more than just providing big bucks to The President’s campaign.   Even though we are a red state and the DNC and The President’s campaign aren’t going to send a dime to Lone Star State Dems this election season, we are relevant.  Guv Dude and the GOP’s assault on women in the Lone Star State is a major component of the narrative that is taking hold across the U.S. of A. that has many female voters concerned.  Dude scrambling to find the funds that should be going to Planned Parenthood is proof that they stepped in doodoo.  Doonesbury’s focus on the invasive sonogram law certainly doesn’t help the GOP. 

The same applies to the GOP’s Voter ID law.  The law is purely designed to hold off the inevitable – more Latinos participating in elections.

Lone Star State Dems need to continue expressing outrage because the rest of the U.S.  of A. can hear us and it matters to some and hopefully to maybe enough.

On July 28 at The Yard, the ‘Stros will hand out 10,000 bobble heads commemorating one of the key highlights of the team’s history.  It involves a former player taken in the First Round (10th pick overall) in the 2001 MLB Draft.  Who am I talking about?

You blame the grown-ups for this.  Here is from Chron.com:

Southern Miss offered the first airball of the NCAA Tournament.

They can thank the school’s pep band.

From the think-before-you-speak file, the USM pep band began the less-than-creative (not to mention racist) chant “Where’s your green card?” when Kansas State’s Angel Rodriguez stepped to the free-throw line in Thursday’s NCAA Tournament first-round game in Pittsburgh.

If the chant isn’t bad enough, it’s also inaccurate.

Geography lesson: Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico.


Southern Miss should be embarrassed.

As for the Golden Eagles, they lost the game 70-64.

Here is the rest of the story.

It kind of mimics what happened in San Antonio a week or so ago when kids from Alamo Heights chanted “USA, USA” when playing a school with a mostly Latino student population.

These kids see and pick-up what is going on across the country.

Former “Stros Chris Burke of course will be featured with the “18th Inning Walk-Off Dinger” bobble head from Game 4 of the 2005 NLDS.

That’s all I have from The Yard.



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Here today’s Doonesbury.

My pal, Bill King, kind of weighs in on the “tasteless, insulting comments” recently made by Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher.

Here is Bill’s piece in today’s Chron.

I kind of think it is a bit ridiculous to compare Rush and Maher.  Rush is a guy that GOP leaders across the U.S. of A. don’t want to p_ss off.  GOP leaders worship and embrace the Rush.  GOP leaders play up to Rush.    GOP candidates worry about how their campaigns play to Rush’s audience.

Dems don’t worship Maher.  Dems don’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about how their campaigns will play in front of Maher’s audience.  I would bet if you polled Dems and GOPers, more GOPers would say that they know and respect Rush than Dems know and respect Maher.

GOPers take their marching orders and talking points from Rush.  Dems don’t take their marching orders and talking points from Maher.

Rush is on the air for a few hours every day.  Maher is on the air for one hour every week on a cable premium channel.  Maher is a comedian.  Comedians including folks like Richard Pryor, Don Rickles, Eddie Murphy, Carlos Mencia, and Ricky Gervais make a living making “tasteless, insulting, comments”.  

The  only reason Maher is being singled out is because the GOP leadership doesn’t have the ying-yangs to call out Rush on his recent “slut” remarks so they’re trying to make Maher a foil of sorts and folks like my pal Bill King are taking the bait. 

This current MLBer was taken in the 8th Round of the 2001 MLB Amateur Player Draft out of the University of Cincinnati.   He has made three AL All Star Teams, and has two World Serious rings.  Who am I talking about?

Commentary got his first 2012 Dem Party Primary mail piece yesterday compliments of the Alan Rosen for Constable, Precinct 1 Campaign.

Sports 610 Radio is conducting a Hottest Media Babe Tourney where they stick 20 local female TV reporters/anchors/personalities on a bracket ala the NCAA March Madness brackets and listeners get to log on and vote for their choice.  TV women like Jennifer Reyna, Dominique Sachse, Lisa Hernandez, Lauren Freeman, Gina Gaston, Nefertiti Jaquez, and newcomer Lily Yang are among those that are tourney bound.  Univision was the only conference that didn’t send a representative to the big dance.  What’s up with that!  I’m betting there are some fellas out there of the Spanish speaking persuasion that get their news from Univision and their sports info from Sports 610.

On the Ides of March Newt is still in the race but on life support.

Kevin Youkilis of course from the Red Sox was drafted in the 8th Round in 2001 and won World Serious rings in2004 and 2007 although he didn’t see any action in the 2004 Serious – got it!  Youk is celebrating his 33rd BD today.

Alyson Footnote asked the ‘Stros skipper the following:  What is the daily routine of a ball player at Spring Training?

Skipper: The days are long once we start playing games. Players are usually at the ballpark by 7 in the morning. They have a routine of hitters hitting in the cage, they have their time slots between 7 and 9. Others have early work on the field starting at 8:30. The coaches meeting is at 8 and then we go through a full workout up until lunch. We take lunch and then play a game. That is a full day.



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Commentary got in last night in time to watch the results on CNN.  I’ll admit I’m rooting for Senator Santorum just so stuff can stay muddled in the GOP, so they can keep spending their dough, so they can keep slapping each other around, and so Mitt Romney can keep giving us the names of his wealthy buddies.  It is good entertainment if you are a Dem.

Every talking head, political analyst, political journalist, and political consultant not working for Newt are saying that Newt is done, he’s a goner, and should get out of the race.  Newt is a very smart fella.   He’s very capable of making up new set of facts on why he will continue.  I’m not going to try to get into Newt’s melon but I think he has this delusional vision that if he stays in the race and if Romney doesn’t get to the magic number of 1,144 delegates by Tampa, the GOP convention will turn to him and crown him.  Why else is he sticking around?

This MLB Hall of Fame Great was on 10 consecutive AL All Star Teams (1986-1995), won one batting title, led the AL in base hits four different seasons, had 2,304 career base hits, a career .318 batting average, and won two World Serious rings – who am I talking about?

I’m sure you have heard that the City did all it could to stop the Ashby High Rise but ran out of weapons.  Here is an interesting tactic that Southampton residents are considering from Chron.com:

The residents, however, say they’re not done fighting. One way to continue their battle is to try to destroy demand for the building.

Southampton resident Jim Reeder had a message for the developers.

“The friend of my enemy is my enemy,” said Southampton resident Jim Reeder, referring to those who intend to support the high-rise when it’s built. He mentioned real estate agents who would lease the units, the residents who would live there and those who would open and support the restaurant planned for the building.

Why stop there!  Go after the architect that is designing the building, the construction company and their subcontractors, and the bankers that are financing the project, the lawyers that handled the paperwork, and don’t forget the company that will provide the port-a-cans at the site.

The Chron E-Board has a take today on the rejected Voter ID law.  Here is a taste:

But going by Texas’ own numbers, the voter ID bill will disproportionately make it more difficult for legally registered Hispanic voters to cast their ballots. It does not matter whether this is the intent. By Texas’ own numbers, it is the effect.

Here is the entire take.

Guv Dude got a mention in Doonesbury today so check it out here.

Twins and Hall of Fame great Kirby Puckett of course won World Serious rings in 1987 and 1991.  Kirby Puckett who left us way too early was born 52 years ago today.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today.


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The Fort Worth Star Telegram has decided not to print the Doonesbury edition this week.  Here is part of their reasoning:

The reason for not printing the strip has nothing to do with left- or right-wing politics. It has everything to do with civility and consistency.

Oh, yeah!  Then why did they cover last year’s Lone Star State’s legislative session that was lacking “civility and consistency”?  Oh, well.

Here is how the Star Telegram fully ‘splains their decision.

Meanwhile, here is today’s Doonesbury in the Chron.

Way to go Doonesbury!

Commentary is going to be last person to tell GOP candidates how to run for Prez but I have to say this about Newt.  Letting your campaign float the idea that Guv Dude should be your running mate tells me that you’ve been in this race way too long.   Dude came out of this race as the least prepared candidate.  The only folks that were sad to see him leave the race were the late night talk show staff writers.  Can you imagine the political button that would be the hot seller at the National Dem Convention – Newt and the Oops!

The Rule 5 Draft is a MLB rule that allows teams to snatch unprotected players from other teams so teams don’t get to keep good players from going to other teams – got it?  In 1999, we left a player unprotected and he was snatched in the Rule 5 Draft and went on to win two Cy Young Awards and made four All Star teams.  Who am I talking about?

Speaking of casualties, the Texans released starting right tackle Eric Winston yesterday.  That’s too bad.  During the season, Winston is on the air for a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon on Sports 610. He is very knowledgeable, articulate, and entertaining.  He was released for the sole purpose of the team having to lower its payroll.  That’s what your call NFL economics.

I guess I’ll watch CNN tonight and listen to Newt try to explain why he’ll keep trucking along after the results come in from the Deep South.

Johan Santana of course was first signed by the ‘Stros in 1995 and we lost him in the 1999 Rule 5 Draft to the Fish and then he was traded to the Twins where he went on to win the AL Cy Young Awards in 2004 and 2006 and now he plays for the Mets and is celebrating his 33rd BD today – whew! 

From the ‘Stros website on Spring Training:

Assuming Bud Norris, Wandy Rodriguez, Livian Hernandez and J.A. Happ take up the first four spots, one job remains. Jordan Lyles, who made 15 starts for the Astros in 2011, would have to be considered a front-runner to win the job. But keep an eye on a few others, including Kyle Weiland, who is quietly putting together an impressive Spring Training.

Weiland, who was traded to the Astros from the Red Sox during the offseason, threw four no-hit innings against the Yankees Monday night in Tampa. Add that to the four scoreless innings he combined for in his first two spring appearances, and that equals a nearly perfect spring so far: eight innings, three hits, no runs, two walks, four strikeouts.

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Doonesbury has joined in the fight against the GOP assault on women.  They made their debut in the Chron’s Op-Ed pages today. 
Check it out here.     You can already tell in listening to GOP talking heads that they are squirming big time on the gender gap.  Way to go Doonesbury!

Speaking of, I had to look closely to figure out my pal Nick Anderson’s cartoon in Sunday’s Chron.     You need to check out the Trojan mike here.
Of course I really couldn’t tell if they were Magnum, Stimulations, Pleasures, or Sensitivity.  Way to go Nick!

This former ‘Stro had 291 career dingers, 223 as a ‘Stro, who am I talking about? 

My pal Robert Miller probably needs to check the AA batteries of his crystal ball because I didn’t see any surprises during the last round of filing for office. Oh, well!

HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson took his HCC case to the Chron Op-Ed pages yesterday.   Check it out here.    You have to figure that the folks over at HCC don’t appreciate Trustee Robinson airing their laundry in the Chron Op-Ed pages. 

My old pal former H-Town CM Rob Todd had a good Op-Ed in the Chron yesterday asking Pastor Riggle of Grace to cool it when it comes to calling out The Mayor on her support of same-sex marriage.  Nice job Rob! 
Check it out here.

Mitt Romney is 65 today.  He’ll probably get a cake today on the campaign trail.  Of course he won’t know who baked the cake but he’s real good friends with the CEOs of Pinnacle Foods (Duncan Hines) and General Mills (Pillsbury).

Commentary checked out HBO’s “Game Change” the other night.   It is kind of like HBO’s “Recount” in that you know how it ends.  I would say that the movie is entertaining and worth watching.  I’ll say this.  Julianne Moore certainly nails it playing Governor Palin.  I thought I was watching the real Governor Palin.  I know it is way early in the season but Julianne Moore is certainly the frontrunner for an Emmy in the movie category for her portrayal of the former Governor.  Woody Harrelson (John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt) and Ed Harris (John McCain) will likely get nominations. Sarah Paulson (Nicole Wallace) has a shot at an Emmy nomination.  We will see!

Jimmy Wynn of course had 291 career dingers, 223 as a ‘Stro from 1963-1973.  The Toy Cannon is celebrating his 70th BD today!  Happy Birthday Numero 24!

Check out how the ‘Stros struggle at a feeble attempt for political correctness in this statement they put out Friday:

Houston Astros Owner and Chairman Jim Crane announced today that the Astros will wear replicas of their original Colt .45s jersey during the April 10 and April 20 games at Minute Maid Park.

The jersey, worn when the ballclub was named the Colt .45s in its first three years of existence (1962-64), included a pistol below the name “Colts” across the chest of the uniform. This week, the Astros heard from thousands of fans who were passionate and virtually unanimous in their support of the authentic Colt .45s jersey.

“We made this decision for a number of reasons,” said Crane. “We listened to our fans, who were almost unanimously in favor of wearing the original jersey. We wanted to honor all of our past uniforms during this special 50th anniversary season, and we felt it was important to be true to the tradition of the franchise.”

They can’t even say that fans overwhelmingly wanted the “gun” on the “original jersey”.


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We will find out by 6 pm today if my pal Robert Miller’s crystal ball is working.  I’m anxiously waiting for Gomer Pyle to arrive at party headquarters across the state and give us a “surprise, surprise, surprise” in regards to filing for office.   Let the rumors be put to bed!

Speaking of, yesterday former Dem State Rep. J.M. Gusano, err Lozano, made the switch to the GOP.  Here are some hollow statements from the switcheroo press conference yesterday courtesy of the SA Express News:

“We’re here today with a message from the party, from the leaders, to J.M. Lozano and to the larger Hispanic community across the state of Texas, and that is that the Republican Party is the party for the Hispanic community in this state,” said Attorney General Greg Abbott, who added that he’ll campaign for the Kingsville lawmaker in District 43.

To the AG:  I’m reminded of the lyrics from the Everly Brothers tune, “whenever I want you, all I have to do is drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream -drea-ea-ea-ea-eam.”

The President will be in town today for a money run.  I don’t have a problem with that if it helps him win in battleground states this November. 

Yesterday, Commentary mentioned the Carlton Fisk walk-off dinger in Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious against the Reds.  There were three other dingers hit during that game.  Name the players that went yard and as a bonus, what was the final score of the game?

A “way to go” shout out goes to my pal Nick Anderson from the Chron.  The Chron put this out last night:

Houston Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson has been honored with the Clifford K. Berryman and James T. Berryman award for national cartooning. The national award is for work that exhibits power to influence public opinion, plus good drawing and striking effect.

At yesterday’s HISD Board of Education meeting, an item was approved that calls for a firm to conduct an assessment of facilities.  The firm has 90 days to complete its work.  That probably means we will be discussing the need for a bond campaign this summer.  Stay tuned!

Cesar Geronimo of the Reds had a solo dinger in the eighth inning, Fred Lynn of the Red Sox had a three run blast in the bottom of the first, and Bernie Carbo of the Red Sox of course had a three run pinch hit dinger in the bottom of the eighth and the Red Sox prevailed 7-6 in Game 6. 

From the ‘Stros yesterday:

Over the past few months, the club has been in discussion with Major League Baseball (MLB) about whether to wear the authentic Colt .45s jersey. The original logo features the Colts name and a pistol. The alternative jersey would only have the Colts name on the front of the jersey. This week, MLB informed the Astros that the decision would be left to the ballclub. The Astros organization continues to value fan input, therefore the Astros have been reaching out to fans the past week to get their opinion on this issue.

Here’s what I don’t like.  MLB and the ‘Stros just should have stuck to their first decision and not display the guns.  Instead they opened it up and now the Chron and other media outlets in H-Town are letting the “fans” vote onlline.  This is freaking H-Town where folks worship their guns!  How do you think they are going to vote?  They don’t even have a line for this in Vegas!

We’re talking about a baseball game here not the first day of deer season or a panel discussion on the Second Amendment.  The ‘Stros might as well conduct a poll on whether or not to have a family member of a victim that was murdered with a handgun throw out the first pitch that evening.  That’s all I have from The Yard!



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Commentary was asked the other evening how I’m able to come up with stuff to say every day.  In today’s case, I got a lot of help from GOP State Rep.  Ken Legler from the following in yesterday’s papers:

“Those that know me know I do not back down from a fight,” Legler said in a statement. “I seem to always enter a contest as the underdog and exit the victor. I have no reason to believe that 2012 would be any different. However, the sad fact is that the Federal Court has seen fit to give me a district that will be a constant electoral struggle every two years throughout the decade. That is a political distraction from legislative responsibilities that I choose not to accept.”

Let’s see now an “electoral struggle every two years” is considered a “political distraction”?   Wow, what a pain in the arse to have to run for office every two years.  That’s what is wrong with the Federal Courts.  They didn’t give Legler a safe district for life.   Impeach the Feds!

There is a sobering story in today’s Chron about the impact of the Voter ID law in the Lone Star State.   Here are a couple of pieces:

Texas secretary of state officials did not find matching 2012 driver’s licenses or state-issued photo IDs for 2.4 million of the state’s 12.8 million registered voters, though all but about 800,000 of those voters supplied a valid identification number when they first registered to vote.

Don’t worry about it, says AG Greg Abbott:

Voters over 65 and the disabled can avoid the ID requirement by arranging in advance to cast ballots by mail, according to Abbott’s press release.

Commentary doesn’t think the AG has ever conducted a mail ballot application campaign program. Maybe he needs to hire my good buddy Kyle on this.

Check out the article here.

Many older MLB fans remember Red Sox’s Carlton Fisk’s dinger in the bottom 12th in Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious against the Reds in Fenway.  Name the pitcher that served up the Fisk dinger. 

Commentary is planning to watch “Game Change” this weekend.  Heck, the three stars of the flick have a combined 10 Oscar nominations. 

The fella that runs the Lone Star State Dem Party and a South Texas Latino member of congress are having a little war of words in today’s SA Express News.  Here is a taste:

Despite strong criticism from fellow Democrats, Rep. Henry Cuellar said Wednesday he feels vindicated that a compromise congressional redistricting map includes new Latino districts in San Antonio and Dallas.

“For the first time in the history of Texas politics we created two Hispanic seats,” Cuellar, D-Laredo, said during an office interview after weeks of acrimony and grumbling from some Democrats who accused him of working too closely with Republicans.

Cuellar’s role in the redistricting process was criticized by the head of Lone Star Project, a Democratic advocacy group, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus who complained their lawyers were left out of some negotiations with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Cuellar said he worked with Latino groups, Abbott and Republican lawmakers, notably Rep. Francisco Canseco of San Antonio, to craft the map.

Matt Angle with the Lone Star Project said in a statement that Cuellar “has a long history of betraying Latino voters and his constituents to appease high-level Republicans.”

Cuellar once served as Texas secretary of state under Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and endorsed Republican Gov. George W. Bush over Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.

Angle said that during the 2001 and 2003 Texas redistricting battles Cuellar aligned himself with former House Speaker Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land.

Cuellar, meanwhile, called Angle “a nut case” who backed efforts in the Dallas area to create a minority coalition congressional district over one for Latinos.

He said he fought for a Latino district in Dallas, and that “1.3 million Hispanics in Dallas would have been screwed if I would have kept my mouth shut.”   Check out the rest of the story here.

Oh well, warts and all I guess!

A nice impressive crowd showed up last night at HISD Anna Eastman’s reception.  Among the elected officials to attend were Sen. Mario Gallegos, Rep. Carol Alvarado, and CM Ellen Cohen.  Former elected officials included the host, former Rep. and former Dem Party Chair Sue Schechter, former HISD Trustee and CM Carol Galloway, and former Trustee Diane Johnson. Former Trustee candidates Judith Cruz and Ramiro Fonseca, current SBOE, District 6 candidate Traci Jensen, and Chron columnist Bill King also dropped by.

In case you were wondering, the ordinance on feeding the homeless was delayed for a couple of weeks.

The Reds’ Pat Darcy of course served up the Carlton Fisk walk-off dinger in the bottom 12th on the second pitch of the inning in Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious.

From Alyson’s Footnotes again:

“Retro” is in the air as the 50th Anniversary Celebration weaves its way through multiple giveaways this season. Currently scheduled items include a Colt .45s cap (April 10), Colt .45s replica jersey (April 20), 1970’s rainbow style t-shirt (June 1), retro gym bag (June 2), retro lunch bag (June 3), 1960s blue Astros cap (June 20), 1990s blue and gold replica jersey (Aug. 10), and a rainbow umbrella (Aug. 12).



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UPDATE:  The Santorum campaign is asking Newt to get out of the race.  Here is quote from a Santorum supporter:

“Based on his electoral performance last night and his out-of-step record it is time for Newt Gingrich to exit the Republican nominating process.   With Gingrich exiting the race it would be a true head-to-head race and conservatives would be able to make a choice between a consistent conservative in Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney.”

Newt is certainly not bowing out, but if the Santorum campaign can keep this discussion on Newt exiting at the forefront this week, Newt’s base will start to erode further.  Nice move on the part of Team Santorum.

Commentary is not going to spend a whole lot of time handicapping the GOP race for Prez because I’m really not an expert on these matters.  I did stay up – barely of course – to get the final on Ohio right before midnight.  Newt was able to win his state of Georgia but the best he could get elsewhere were three third places so where does he go from here?

Ron Paul got three second places but where does he finally get a win?

Romney won his Massachusetts and neighboring Vermont, plus Idaho, Virginia (his only ballot opponent was Paul), and Alaska.  He outspent the field in Ohio but won by just one measly percent. 

Santorum won in Oklahoma and Tennessee and surprised folks with a win in North Dakota.  He could be doing better if he’d only learn how to control what falls out of his piehole.  He let Ohio slip through his paws.

The next week have Kansas, Alabama, and Mississippi on the schedule.   If Santorum takes all three, well then Texas could prove to be a decider.  

Mitt Romney has the money, the organization, and the more experienced professional staff and consultants. So why can’t he put it away?  My pal Jason Stanford has a piece that most of you have read that pretty much sums it up.  Here is a bit:

Republican consultants are trying to figure out what’s wrong with little Willard (Mitt’s first name), and their latest diagnosis is that their frontrunner has an "authenticity problem."

Here is Jason’s piece.

Commentary is hoping that Romney keeps being Romney and the race keeps getting prolonged.  It can only help Dems so stay tuned!

Name the player that wore the numero 50 for the ‘Stros from 1971-1980? 

This morning at the H-Town City Hall, things might get interesting.  Yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting speakers session was dominated by folks speaking for or against an ordinance on how folks go about feeding the homeless in parts of East Downtown and Midtown.  Apparently the City wants the charitable groups that feed the homeless do a better job of coordinating their efforts.  In listening to some of the supporters, the groups that do the feeding don’t do a good job of cleaning up after they feed folks.  It was an interesting back and forth.  H-Town CM James Rodriguez did most of the heavy lifting for the side that is supporting the ordinance.  Here are some pieces from today’s Chron:

Mayor Annise Parker is asking the council to adopt rules that would require organizations and people who feed the homeless to register with the city, take a food safety class, prepare the food in certified kitchens, serve only at three public parks, and leave those parks as clean as when they entered them.


"We’re trying to do this in a way that we don’t waste food so that churches, for example, don’t show up on top of each other trying to feed the same group of 20 guys," Parker said during two hours of public testimony Tuesday.

Civil rights lawyer Randall Kallinen called the proposed rules an "assault on freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of speech." The ordinance’s penalties of $50 to $2,000 could make it a crime to feed the homeless, Kallinen said.

Councilwoman Helena Brown agreed and praised the speakers from groups who serve meals on the streets, telling them she hoped they’ll "have the freedom to do that and you don’t have to stop and say, ‘Wait a minute, I have to go visit City Hall first.’ "

The largest local institutions that serve homeless people, such as Star of Hope, SEARCH Homeless Services and The Beacon, support the new rules and already comply with proposals to operate out of city-approved kitchens and to serve meals within four hours of their preparation.


Councilman James Rod­riguez, who represents downtown, said the rule changes would make charity more efficient and coordinated. He said downtown residents complain of persistent litter, defecation and fights that require police intervention and detract from the quality of life and make homes harder to sell.

Folks need to kind of listen to (my client) CM Rodriguez on this.  Unless you live there or work there, you really don’t know what is going on.  CM Rodriguez has to deal with his Eado constituents and other stakeholders on tough issues like this one on a regular basis.  You have to wonder how much time CM Brown has spent out in Eado or Midtown dealing with this problem.

Check out the Chron piece here.

Don’t forget Anna’s reception tonight!


On those few occasions when we witness political courage and integrity, we need to take a moment to say “thank you” to the one who dared.  Join with me to let her know that she does not stand alone.  Come to support her – not with money – but with sincere gratitude for her public service.

5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 AT 13 CELSIUS, 3000 CAROLINE, 77004.ose few

I’ll see you there!

Former ‘Stro J.R. Richard of course wore the numero 50 from 1971-1980.  J.R. is celebrating his 62nd birthday today.

From Alyson’s Footnotes today:

Fridays at Minute Maid Park this year are going to be a very big deal. Tabbed “Flashback Fridays,” these nights will go heavy on nostalgia, from the uniforms the players wear during the game to iconic players from the past who will be on hand to celebrate the club’s history.

The Astros will highlight a different uniform each month, with the team wearing that jersey for each Friday night game. The featured jerseys include:

1960s Colt .45s (April 10 – commemorating the first game in franchise history and April 20)
s Shooting Star (May 4 and May 18)
s Rainbow (June 1 and June 22)
s Shoulder Rainbow (July 6 and July 27)
s Blue and Gold Star (Aug. 10, Aug. 17 and Aug. 31).

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Under normal circumstances we should be voting today on Super Tuesday.  Heck, we’re not even done filing for office.

Yesterday I mentioned George P. Bush and his Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC.  It turns out Bush gets some of the credit for flipping State Rep. J. M. Lozano of Alice (HD 43) from a Dem to a GOPer yesterday.  I wonder if Lozano supports The DREAM Act.  Of course I’ll be more impressed if Lozano keeps his seat after November.

Pay attention to this invitation that some folks are sending out:


On those few occasions when we witness political courage and integrity, we need to take a moment to say “thank you” to the one who dared.  Join with me to let her know that she does not stand alone.  Come to support her – not with money – but with sincere gratitude for her public service.

5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 AT 13 CELSIUS, 3000 CAROLINE, 77004.ose few

This isn’t a fundraiser so be there!

This MLB Hall of Fame great hit 475 career dingers, had 1,540 career RBIs, won the 1979 NL MVP Award, and had his numero 8 retired.  Name the great I’m talking about?

176 years ago today, The Alamo fell. 

From an AP Story today:

(Former First Lady) Barbara Bush told about 300 people attending the conference hosted by the George W. Bush Presidential Center that the current campaign is the worst she’s seen.

Of course some would argue that the Willie Horton ad started us on the road to this type of campaigning.

Channel 2 GM Jerry Martin did a drive by this morning on Rebuild Houston and how the money is being spent.  The editorial hasn’t been posted but I’m sure The Mayor or H-Town CM Costello will be given airtime to respond.

I guess I’ll watch the Super Tuesday results this evening on CNN but it looks like Mitt Romney will be their guy but that’s OK because he knows the folks that own the TV stations and not the folks that watch the TV shows.

Hall of Fame great Willie Stargell of course hit 475 career dingers, had 1,540 career RBIs, won the 1979 NL MVP Award, and had his numero 8 retired.  “Pops” is no longer with us and was born 71 years ago today in Earlsboro, Oklahoma.

From the ‘Stros website:

The Astros “Greatest Moments” bobblehead set showcases a number of great players, moments and memories from 50 years of baseball in Houston. In addition to the standard bobble figurine, each bobblehead includes a commemorative photo of the featured moment to capture the emotion.

The first bobble features Nolan Ryan (May 18) celebrating his record fifth no-hitter in 1981. Craig Biggio (June 22) portrays his unforgettable 3,000th hit in 2007 followed by Cy Young Award winning pitcher Mike Scott (July 7) clinching the National League West Division with a no-hitter in 1986.

Rounding out this year’s “Greatest Moments” bobblehead lineup is a pair of home run heroes. In what currently stands as the longest playoff game in MLB history, 2005 National League Division Series hero Chris Burke (July 28) joins the set for his 18th inning walk-off homer in a year that saw the Astros in their first World Series.  Jeff Kent (September 1) joins in similar fashion for his walk-off home run in Game 5 of the 2004 National League Championship Series.

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Counting today there are five days left to file for office and so far there are no surprises like Robert Miller said might happen.

Commentary sort of goofed Friday when I was talking about a possible HISD bond election this year and the HISD Superintendent and I said this:

Heck, a few weeks ago four Trustees voted not to extend his (HISD Superintendent) contract.

Actually only one Trustee voted against his contract extension and the other three abstained – got it!

The best lines of the day go to Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey on his redistricting piece when he mentions Austin/Travis County getting slice up into five pieces:

It’s safe to say lawmakers weren’t trying to empower the locals. It makes you wonder why the city of Austin rewards them (the Legislature) with free airport parking.    Here is the piece.

When the White Sox visit The Yard to wrap up Spring Training next month, it will be their first visit to The Yard since they swept us in the 2005 World Serious.  Wandy is the only ‘Stro remaining from the 2005 ‘Stros NL Champs.  Only two current White Sox players remain from the 2005 World Serious Champs.  Name the two?

I don’t think the Chron’s Nick Anderson read Kuffer the other day.  The Chron’s Pulitizer Prize winning editorial cartoonist put new H-Town CM Helena Brown on Sunday’s editorial page.  Check it out here. 
You have to hand it to CM Brown, she’s been in office just over two months and she’s getting a lot of media run. 

The Tribune has a piece today on George P. Bush (Jeb’s son) and his Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC.  Here is a bite:

His future political success could hinge on how Republicans move forward on specific issues. He supports portions of the DREAM Act, and said he thinks most Republicans would also favor at least certain aspects of it, including a pathway toward legalization for illegal immigrants if they serve in the military.

I wonder what part of The DREAM he has a problem with.  In checking out the PAC’s steering committee website page, I wonder how many of the steering committee members support The DREAM Act.  There are some GOP elected officials on the steering committee, I wonder what they think about The DREAM Act.  Check out the Tribune piece here.

And the group’s website here.

I watched Lindsay Lohan on SNL this past weekend.  She did as well as can be expected. 

In saving the worst for last, the H-Town Mayor took some shots yesterday from a pulpit.  I’ll take the high road and say that folks have a First Amendment right to spew what they want.  Here is from the Chron:

Emboldened by (Mayor Annise) Parker’s poor showing in November in which she barely avoided a runoff and by the victories by two opponents of gay marriage who became the first challengers to unseat City Council incumbents in 12 years, social conservatives have gone on the attack. They accuse Parker of reneging on a campaign promise to put the city first and social issues advocacy second, and they charge her with violating the Texas Constitution by advocating for a change to it.


Even some Parker supporters privately have said that her recent public statements, given her November showing, are not good politics. Voters in the city of Houston supported the state constitutional amendment barring gay marriage by a nearly two-to-one margin in 2005.

I wish “some Parker” supporters would have the guts to go on record instead of offering their takes “privately”.

It is also my understanding that some H-Town Council Members were invited to the church to watch the hit job on The Mayor yesterday.  I wonder if any CMs attended.
Here is the Chron story.

Catcher A.J. Pierzynski and First Baseman Paul Konerko of course are all that remain from the 2005 World Serious Champs White Sox.

The ‘Stros won their first two Spring Training games this past weekend.


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