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Kuffer spends a little time on new H-Town CM Helena Brown here.

Here’s some of what Kuffer says:

I realize I’m contributing to the problem as much as anyone, but I confess I’m a little perplexed by the amount of attention being paid to a freshman Council member who isn’t trying to get anything done. I understand the novelty factor here, but really, are our memories that short? She’s Addie Wiseman, the tag-happy no-voting former District E Council member, all over again. (Stace saw that before everyone else did.) The fact that nobody else, not even her current Council colleagues, thought to make that comparison is suggestive of what Wiseman’s legacy was, and what Brown’s is likely to be. I’m sure her anti-spending zeal will have its share of fans, but until she or they advocate for spending less on police, fire, and emergency services, it’s all just meaningless posturing. And sooner or later the next shiny object will come along to distract us.

I’m going to have to disagree a bit with my pal Kuffer.  Unlike former CM Addie Wiseman, CM Brown isn’t operating on her own.  Wiseman was a genuine gadfly.  Brown has her advisors.  Remember, somebody was sending Brown talking points last month as she read them from her Blackberry during a Council meeting.  She is listening to the Kuboshes who by the way do have scoreboard over the City on the red light cameras.  I’m sure she is also talking to her key supporter Paul Bettencourt who is on a mission to “save the City” from The Mayor.  Wiseman didn’t have any support or political infrastructure to work with so it is probably a good idea to keep an eye on CM Brown.

Here is a headline in today’s Chron.com: Illegal immigrant runs for student body president at Texas A&M. 


Here is from the piece:

“I’m not running because I’m undocumented. I’m running because I’m an Aggie,” he said. “It’s just like, what if I was gay? Would they have asked me if being gay was going to play a role? If I was atheist, would they ask me those things? What does it take to be seen as a regular Aggie, not as an undocumented Aggie?”


After Zelaya was asked the question about his immigration status at the debate, Brody Smith, a 20-year-old political science and history major who is running against Zelaya, raised his hand to speak. The senior said he thought the question was unfair and a political stunt, adding that he would trust Zelaya if he was elected president.  “He has an Aggie ring on his finger,” he said. “And we all bleed maroon.”

Here is the Chron piece.

Now that it is in the paper, I wouldn’t be surprised if the hate mongers descended upon College Station to stick their noses in a student body election.    It doesn’t say when the election is being held but I sure hope it’s held before the GOP Prez primary comes to the Lone Star State.

The ‘Stros open Spring Training against Nationals this Saturday.  The Nationals used to be the Expos.  How many times have the Nationals/Expos been to the playoffs?

The Tribune’s Ross Ramsey says this today about the redistricting mess:

Redistricting remains stuck in a sort of judicial black box in San Antonio — only the judges know what might happen and when — but an important deadline comes this Saturday. Election administrators told the judges earlier this month that they need congressional and legislative maps by March 3 if they’re going to hold primary elections on May 29.

Here is the entire Trib piece.

My pal Robert Miller put this out yesterday:

The San Antonio court has requested that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party submit an advisory to the court by 2 p.m. Wednesday detailing proposed procedural deadlines for a May 29 election, and what Texas Election Code provisions will need to be waived to accomplish this primary date and delegate selection process.  With the March 3 deadline looming, it looks like we may be seeing maps Thursday or Friday.

I guess even churches participate in the February ratings sweeps.  I hate to say it but hate does sell.  Here is from today’s Chron:

The pastor of one of Houston’s megachurches is asking Mayor Annise Parker to resign if she will not cease promoting the legalization of same-sex marriage.

“Respectfully, if you cannot uphold the Texas constitution, then you should do the honorable thing and step down,” Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church wrote in an email to Parker on Friday.


When asked about Riggle’s message, Parker said Monday, ”I do my duty to uphold the state Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. I swore an oath to that. I take that oath very seriously, but I have my First Amendment rights to free speech.

“We all have the right to do that and I’m sorry that they (Riggle and his supporters) don’t understand the Constitution,” Parker said.

Here is the Chron piece.

Way to go Mayor!  Of course, Commentary would have been more satisfied if you had just told them to kiss your arse!

In 1981, in the strike shortened split season, the Expos of course prevailed over the Phillies in five games in the NLDS and then lost in five to the Dodgers in the NLCS and that’s the only time they have been in the MLB playoffs.

From the Beisbol has beeeen beri beri goot to Numero 45, here is from the ‘Stros website:

With more than two dozen players on the Astros’ Spring Training roster hailing from Latin America, veterans Livan Hernandez and Carlos Lee led a meeting on Monday with all the Latin players to stress the importance of learning the English language.


Lee, a native of Panama who has had success in the ranching business in the U.S., stressed to the young players the importance of learning the language.

“I speak pretty good English, and I know how to read and write,” he said. “I think it’s very important to do it. There’s a lot of things going on besides baseball. You never know when baseball comes to an end, and if you can speak or read or write [in English], it might open up another opportunity. You’ve got to take advantage. The team is trying to help them out and is providing a teacher, and I told the guys to take advantage of the situation. I didn’t have that when I was younger.”

They have to be able to say on road trips:  I’ll have the New York strip, medium well, with  grilled asparagus, and arugula salad, with the dressing on the side. 


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