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H-Town CM Helena Brown has been in office less than two months now but she sure is getting a lot of media run. The Chron ran a piece on her this weekend on her record setting pace on voting “no” on agenda items.  Here is a taste:

"It’s District A she should save first. We’ll worry about saving the rest of the city from the mayor tomorrow," former county tax assessor-collector Paul Bettencourt said. "She has to watch overplaying her hand."

Here is the entire article.

I wonder what Mr. Bettencourt means when he says “we’ll worry about saving the rest of the city from the mayor tomorrow".  Save it from what?  When is tomorrow?  Is tomorrow February 28 or November of 2013?  I wish he would ‘splain it better.  Does he have a plan?  Does he have a candidate?  Does he have a slate?

Burkablog had this headline this past weekend:  When did Texas politics go completely nuts?

Here is part of the piece:

Our politics has gone off-the-spectrum nuts. The entire 2011 session was all about pandering to the far right. That is all our politicians know how to do–or want to do. Serious legislating has left the building.

I supposed I should answer my own question: When did Texas politics go completely nuts? I would say it was when Perry defeated Hutchison in the 2010 Republican primary, eliminating the constituency of moderate Republicans, particularly soccer moms, from the playing field.

Check out Burkablog here.

About the only good thing about having a primary election in late June is maybe we get to hear more stuff falling out of Mitt’s piehole like his wife drives two caddies, putting down $10,000 bets, not knowing the NASCAR drivers but knowing the NASCAR owners, and of course not caring about poor folks.  Please keep connecting with folks, Mitt!

Some folks know that the Minnesota Twins used to be the old Washington Senators and the Twins won World Serious championships in 1987 and 1991.  How many times did they win World Serious championships while in D.C.?

They should have given a special Oscar last night to Angelina’s right leg.  Another special Oscar should have gone to J-Lo’s left, err, well you know.  I wonder where Nick Nolte was partying BEFORE the Oscars.  I wonder how Kodak felt about Billy Crystal’s jabs.  I wonder if J-Lo and Cameron Diaz were trying to get us to vote for their arses.  I didn’t have a problem with Octavia Spencer going home with the “hottest guy in the room”.   I thought “The Wizard of Oz” focus group bit was dumb.

Alyson Footnotes had a very moving farewell to Hall of Fame great Gary Carter. 

Check it out here.    

On being Josh Innes:  When sports talk show host Josh Innes got on drive time on Sports 610 over a year ago, he was very hard to like.  Now I like the fella and his style.  He makes the show more entertaining.  David Barron of the Chron did a little feature about him last Friday.  Here is a taste:

….the most polarizing sports talk guy in Houston in the 15 years I have been writing about radio and TV here.


He is calculating in the same way Howard Stern and Don Imus are calculating, and his ciphering is dedicated to keeping you from changing the dial because you don’t know what he may do next.
Here is the entire Chron feature.

Way to go, Josh Innes!

From the equal time department:  I said this last Friday:

Talk show host Michael Berry sent over $2,000 to cover the cost of the car he bumped a while back.   Here is how the car owner responded in the Chron today:

"If that’s (letter and check from Berry) an admission of guilt, that’s fine," (Tuderia) Bennett said. "I just want the apology that comes with it."

If somebody runs into my ride, I’m Ok if their insurance company pays to get it fixed.  I’m not looking for an apology.  This Bennett fella just needs to take the check and put it in the bank.  Your fifteen minutes are up, pal!

Someone sent this over:

What’s the first thing you say to someone when you get out of your car, after you hit theirs?  "I’m so sorry!"  I think this is a pretty standard practice….from JML.

OK, you have a point if someone wants to be polite.  Of course, I don’t think politeness is in Berry’s DNA though.  It is also not a big deal to me.

The old Washington Senators won a World Serious championship in 1924 in seven games of course over the old New York Giants. 

From yesterday’s Chron.com:

The Astros are “leaning heavily” toward new uniforms to accompany the club’s move to the American League in 2013, owner Jim Crane said Sunday.

I wish they wouldn’t.  You can check out the piece here.


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