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The H-Town City Council meeting yesterday lasted past 5 p.m. because a bunch of small business owners showed up to speak against the proposed ordinance “relating to the regulation of automotive businesses”.  Unless I missed something during a bathroom break, not a single person showed up to speak for the proposed ordinance.  That speaks volumes if you ask me.

Prior to the start of the Council meeting, the H-Town Mayor’s Office sent Council members a substitute ordinance.  That tells me that the votes weren’t there yesterday to get the measure passed.

When one of the first small business owners got up to speak against the proposal, the Mayor tried to explain that the ordinance was a consumer protection measure.  CM Helena Brown called it consumer oppression.

In listening to some to the leaders of the small business owners, it didn’t sound like they were going to be appeased by the substitute proposal.   For many of the speakers, this was obviously the first time they had ever attended a City Council meeting.  I don’t know if this how City Hall should go about engaging folks into the political process.   This is one that has the potential to come and bite folks on the arse.

‘Stros announcer Milo Hamilton will retire after this season.  How many no-nos has Milo called from the ‘Stros’ radio booth?

It is getting harder to believe the Harris County DA these days.  Now she is saying that she invited the Texas Rangers to investigate her office.  Here is from the Chron:

“I asked the Texas Rangers to conduct an investigation,” (Pat) Lykos said in prepared statement Tuesday.



“There are interests that are slandering and libeling this office (relative to the activities of the Grand Jury), which are impeding the administration of justice disrupting the work of the District Attorney’s Office,” Lykos wrote to the DPS.

Well who invited the FBI?     Here is the entire Chron piece.

I kind of like the Harris County DA but she is starting to get a credibility problem.  I’m thinking that this Texas Rangers/FBI investigation hurts her big time in the GOP primary.

Speaking of, unless they cut a redistricting deal real soon, like today, we’re looking at a May primary.  Heck, we haven’t had a May primary since 1986 – yikes!

Milo has called four no-nos of course from the ‘Stros radio booth. (1986, Mike Scott vs Giants, 1993, Darryl Kile vs Mets, 1997, Pirates’ Francisco Cordova and Ricardo Rincon against the ‘Stros, and 2003, our six pitchers vs the Yankees).  Milo didn’t call the Cubbies’ Zambrano no-no against us in the 2008 Ike Games because he didn’t make the trip to Milwaukee. 

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