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Rick Santorum came to the Lone Star State yesterday to address North Texas area ministers.  After he spoke, the ministers surrounded him and prayed over him.  Photos of the prayer over started popping up on just about every media related website.    It is a very powerful photo that certainly plays to the vote he is going after. 

Santorum also had this to say about the Lone Star State:

"We’re going to have a big win in Texas when the day comes.  Texas is the conservative epicenter of this country. You folks lead the way. You really do."

Thanks for the compliment!

Commentary is not going to make a prediction but Santorum is on a roll and Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich aren’t.

Speaking of the Giants again, in the 2002 World Serious between the Giants and the Angels, name the player that hit the most dingers?

In a non baseball related bonus, what happened 48 years ago this evening – hint – it was a Sunday? 

State Senate District 25 GOP candidates debated last night and here is taste from the Express News:

(Sen Jeff) Wentworth said he would work to repeal in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and noted that (Elizabeth) Jones, while she was a House representative, voted for the law.

She defended what she called a bipartisan vote and suggested the law brought immigrant children “out of the shadows” and gave them a path to legality

Here is the entire article.

Too bad Wentworth went spineless on this one!

Commentary kind of figured that Roland Martin would get the heave-ho of sorts for his Super Bowl tweets.    He deserved getting shown the door.

Barry Bonds of course led all hitters with 4 dingers in the 2002 World serious that the Angels took in seven.

48 years ago tonight, The Beatles appeared for the first time of course on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and sang “All My Loving”, “Till There Was You”, “She Loves You”, “I Saw Her Standing There”, and “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. 

It looks like Numero 45 will be at first base this season and Brett Wallace will be given a shot at third.


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