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Commentary is the last guy to handicap the GOP race for Prez but if you are a Dem, you have to like what happened last night.   In reading today’s takes from a number of respected political observers, most say that Mitt Romney is still in the best shape to get the GOP nomination because he has an advantage in cash and organization.  That’s kind of odd.  He had those advantages yesterday and he got his arse handed to him in Minnesota.  He got clobbered in Missouri and he lost Colorado, a state everyone said he was going to win.   The cockiness Romney had the nights he won Florida and Nevada was gone last night…tsk, tsk, tsk.  Let’s stay tuned for sure on this one.

It is never a good thing if the FBI and/or Texas Rangers are asking you questions.  I have to admit that the Harris County DA brought this on herself.  You might be able to push around a grand jury, but you are not going to push around the FBI or Texas Rangers.  She asked for it.  That’s too bad. 
Here is the Chron article.

MLB Spring Training camps open in less than two weeks and Roy Oswalt still can’t get a team to sign him up.  How many times has Roy O been selected to the NL All Star Team?

The Chron’s E-Board wants H-Town CM Helena Brown to start ‘splaining her “no” votes.  Check out the E-Board piece.

The City of H-Town Long-Range Financial Management Task Force is handing its report to City Council this morning and the report is already being savaged by employee groups.  Check out the Chron story here.   Commentary is thinking that this report will just be put on a shelf and nothing is going to happen – for now.

The fella that heads the Harris County Housing Authority is on his way out.  I guess that’s what happens when you hire a P.I. to check out Hunker Down. 
Check out the Chron story.   What a dumbarse!

Roy O made the NL All Star Team three times of course – 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Once again, there is nothing much to report from The Yard. 


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