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From the front page of today’s Chron:

After denying any investigation into the grand jurors who for six months investigated her office, Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos disclosed that she directed her chief investigator to run “a cursory Internet search.”

Meanwhile, sources say an investigation by the DA’s office into grand jurors, two judges and a political opponent of Lykos was ongoing during the grand jury’s probe.  

Here is the Chron piece.

I’ve said before that Commentary likes the Harris County DA but now I have to admit that she is petty and on some sort of power trip.  That’s too bad because we expect better from this office.   We want a Harris County District Attorney not a Harris County Intimidator. 

“It started out as a problem with a small number of unscrupulous auto shops,” said Byron Rusk, vice president of the Houston Automotive Service Association and owner of RMS Auto Care. “They’ve created this monstrosity that is going to be bad for consumers, bad for drivers and bad for businesses.”

We’re talking about the City of H-Town fixing to do some more “regulating.”  Is this really necessary?  Check out the Chron story.

This proposal is being driven by insurance companies and mega auto repair shops that hope to drive the smaller shops out of business.   This is bad public policy in the making.   The folks over at City Hall need to focus on the important things like police and fire safety, picking up garbage, filling potholes, and keeping parks clean.  Memo to H-Town City Hall:  Pay attention to what happened last November at the ballot box!  Don’t give the other side any more ammo!

Super Bowl 46 is being played in Indianapolis this Sunday. Indianapolis only has two major professional sports franchises – the Colts and the Pacers.  In baseball, they have the Triple A Indianapolis Indians.  The Indians are the affiliate of what MLB team?

The City of Austin City Council is elected city wide.  They don’t have single member districts.  They are thinking about going the single member district route.  Check out from today’s Statesman:

Most of the dozens of Austinites who testified at the meetings said that their neighborhoods are ignored by the City Council and that district representatives are badly needed. Many speakers pushed for the “10-1” plan — 10 district seats and a citywide mayor — that eight of the committee members preferred Thursday night.

Here is the Statesman article.

Commentary was involved back in 1979 when we went to the nine districts and five at-large council members system.  Of course, the biggest difference was a more diverse City Council.  Another huge change was the empowerment of neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations.  That’s not a bad thing at all if you ask me.

You have to hand it to the policy makers over at Komen.  They stepped in it big time.  What were they thinking?  That pink ribbon will never look the same to many.  When I go to The Yard this spring when the players are using pink bats, pink sweatbands, and the team is handing out pink lids and pink jerseys, there will be this bad cloud or vibe hanging around.  That’s too bad!

This Sunday I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl ads, Madonna, and a close game.

The Indianapolis Indians are the Triple A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates of course.

The ‘Stro announce yesterday that Fanfest will be held next Saturday, Feb. 11.

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