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I like the Harris County DA but she needs to learn to keep her piehole shut every now and then and yesterday was one of those days to keep it shut.  The grand jury that was investigating her office announced yesterday that no indictments would be issued but took a shot at her office for the tactics they used including investigating the grand jurors – allegedly.  The DA shot back with this:

"This politically motivated investigation, I would submit to you, is an outrage.  It’s an abuse of power and a corruption of the criminal justice system. For months our office has been hounded, and there have been a torrent of grand jury leaks."

That was absolutely the wrong thing to say.  She should have said something along the lines of:

“I want to thank the grand jury for their service.  I disagree with their characterization but it is now time to move forward.”

End of story right?  Nope!  She is facing a GOP primary opponent so she is going to try to malign the grand jury.  That’s going to be tough because the grand jury is seen a citizen volunteer body.  She’s seen as a politician seeking reelection.    It also doesn’t help her that one of her assistant DAs took the “fifth.”   Stay tuned!  Check out the Chron story here.

The Harris County DA isn’t exactly getting folks excited about serving on future grand juries.  Who in the heck wants to get their arses investigated for serving and asking tough questions?

Veteran pitcher Livian Hernandez signed on with the ‘Stros yesterday.  In 1997 as a member of the Fish, Hernandez was named the World Serious MVP after the Fish took Cleveland in seven games.  Hernandez was the starter for Games 1 and 5 and won both.  Name the pitcher that started Games 1 and 5 for the Indians and lost both games?

Commentary is not a fan of the NFL All Star Game, err Pro Bowl.  They don’t go all out like they do at the MLB All Star game and I don’t blame them because they could get hurt.  Packer QB great Aaron Rodgers called out his NFC teammates yesterday for slacking off this past Sunday and getting routed by the AFC Pro Bowlers, 59-41.    Check out the story here.    Maybe they just ought to make it a flag football game, otherwise just do away with it. 

I’m not going to say nothing about Newt’s sore loser speech last night. 

I’m also not going to say anything about 43’s mouthpiece saying last night on CNN that bringing up Mitt’s dog Shamus’ famous ride on top of the family station wagon in a kennel cage wasn’t an issue in a presidential campaign.  Huh!  David Axelrod, The President’s Senior Campaign Advisor, sent out a picture of The President and First Pooch Bo riding in the presidential limo with a note saying this is how “loving owners transport their dogs” – ouch!  I don’t think 43’s mouthpiece has been in a Petsmart lately. Folks can get very serious about their pets. 

Orel Hershiser of course started and lost Games 1 and 5 of the 1997 World Serious and that’s all I have from The Yard!


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