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Chris Moran has a story today about H-Town CM Mike Sullivan planning to resign in December if he wins the GOP Primary Tax Assessor-Collector nomination.  Check out the story here.  If he wins the primary, he will submit a letter of resignation effective December 31 so the City could call an election in November at the same time we’re voting for Prez.  There would be little cost to the City as opposed to a full blown special election.

Here is how the incumbent GOP Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners reacts in the piece:

"The whole plan is to avoid criticism for leaving his office early," Sumners said. "I don’t know that he’s going to be able to pull that off."

CM Sullivan is trying to head off attacks:

In planning for his departure, Sullivan said, he looked for "the most democratic process we can engage in at no cost to taxpayers for there to be an elected representative for District E."

I think the Sumners campaign is going to make an issue of Sullivan not serving out his term and probably score a few points with GOP voters.

I wonder if Chris Moran is going to track down CM Wanda Adams and ask her about her plans.  I do think that leaving office early is a bigger deal among GOP voters though.

Of course, what happens if CM Sullivan wins the primary, submits his letter of resignation, the political climate changes somewhat, more Latinos show up to the polls in November, a number of Dems win countywide, and Sullivan is one of the GOPers that bite the dust?   CM Sullivan obviously doesn’t think much of Dem chances in November here in Harris County.

The Greatest is celebrating his 70th BD today.    Muhammad Ali fought in H-Town four times, err five if you count the one against the federal government when he refused induction into the armed forces.  In the ring he took on Buster Mathis and Jimmy Ellis in 1971, Ernie Terrell in 1967, and Cleveland Williams in 1966.  Commentary had the privilege of attending the Terrell and Williams bouts at the Astrodome.  He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee.  Happy Birthday Champ!

Among active MLBers, this player leads in career stolen bases and caught stealing.   Name the player?

Jacoby Jones owned it yesterday.  Here is what he said:

“I made a mistake.  It’s something I’ve got to grow from. I apologized to my teammates.”

It was still a very dumb play.

Commentary was watching the red carpet show before the Golden Globes Sunday evening and found it odd that Elton John called out Madonna and her song in the best song category.  Elton also had a song in the same category.  Madonna ended up winning and they showed Elton with a stern look as Madonna gave her acceptance speech.  Elton’s husband then went on to rip Madonna on twitter.   Come on!  This is just the Golden Globes, you know, the Academy Awards without the “esteem”!

The dreaded C&Es are due today. 

Juan Pierre of course leads active MLBers with 554 career stolen bases and 190 times caught stealing.  Pierre is a free agent and waiting to be signed.

There is absolutely nothing to report from The Yard.


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Serious and casual local sports fans will forever remember the name Jacoby Jones when they think about the one that got away. 

Here is what Chron sports columnist Jerome Soloman said:
Jacoby Jones will be the most chastised, cussed and criticized figure in Houston sports for the foreseeable future.

His first-quarter fumble was so ridiculously stupid that ridiculously stupid isn’t the best way to describe it. It is all I have right now.d, well, he deserves it.

Now, I’m not saying Jones is the reason the Texans lost, but had he missed the team flight and been suspended for the game, the Texans would be playing in Foxboro next Sunday for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  Oh, he is going to be roasted this week and next week and the week after that and forever more.

Here is Coach Kubiak’s reaction in the Chron:
“There’s no excuse,” Kubiak said. “He shouldn’t even be around the ball once that happens. He just made a mistake.”

Here is from the Chron’s General:
Jacoby Jones went brain dead with one of the worst decisions a player could make and helped put the Texans in an early hole they never recovered from.

Jones’ play will go down as one of the dumbest in Houston’s sports history.

I can’t think of a dumber play in H-Town sports history.  If you can, let me know.  The sad thing is that to date, Jacoby hasn’t owned it.  I doubt he will be back in battle red next year.

Name the current active MLBer with the highest career batting average?

Check out this interesting piece on the GOP pi__ing off the Latino vote.
Here is a piece:
Mitt Romney “is done,” said DeeDee Blase, founder of Somos Republicans in Arizona. “He’ll be lucky to get 8 percent of the Hispanic vote” after saying he would veto legislation that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants and accepting the endorsement of anti-immigration activist Kris Kobach, architect of two of the strongest immigration crackdown laws in the country.

Here is an interesting Chron article on GOP Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman’s first year in office.

Here are a few tidbits:
He’d never run for or held office, never voted in a Republican primary.

(Dem County Commissioner El Franco) Lee said hiring political veteran Dave Walden as his chief of staff showed Morman’s maturity. Walden, a top aide under former County Judge Jon Lindsay and former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier, and road and bridge superintendent Jack Rodriguez, another of Morman’s hires, are a pair of “get-the-job-done people,” according to Pasadena Mayor Johnny Isbell.

Oh, well!

Commentary went out to cheer on my niece Cristina Alig running the marathon yesterday and I saw my old pal Kathryn McNiel making her marathon bid.  Way to go!

Commentary checked out a tame Ricky Gervais last night.  Nobody seemed to be offended and in fact Jodie Foster flashed the thumbs up when he mentioned Foster’s “Beaver” – err, her movie.   All the women on the red carpet looked great especially the older ones that have decided they don’t ever need to be touched up including Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Glenn Close. 

The Chron had an editorial last Friday about the County not paying its Rebuild Houston bill.  Here is from the editorial:

This past Tuesday, the Harris County Commissioners Court voted against paying the ReBuild Houston drainage fee for the county-owned Reliant Park Complex. Not only that, but the Commissioners Court also instructed Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan to pursue a refund of $88,000 in drainage fees that the county had already paid.

In response, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff floated the idea of legislation to exempt city residents from paying property taxes to the county.
Here is the entire editorial.

Albert Pujols of course leads all active MLBer with a .328 batting average.

John Huntsman is out today and I’m betting he will be followed by Guv Dude in a week at the latest.

Organizers of the Tea Bagger gathering at The Yard this past weekend were hoping for a bigger crowd.  I hope they don’t try to blame the team’s 106 losses for their lousy turnout.


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Kuffer weighs in on this past Wednesday’s doings over at City Hall and calls it CM James Rodriguez vs CM Helena Brown.  Here is a piece:

As for the territorial squabble, on a philosophical level I don’t actually have a problem with a Council member – or any other member of a legislative body – questioning a project in someone else’s district. If something is questionable, then it needs to be questioned. Obviously, I don’t agree with the substance of Brown’s remarks – I support building bike paths along the bayous, and again on a philosophical level, I disagree with Brown’s “we can’t afford that!” mindset – but I don’t consider her speaking out in this fashion to be a sin in and of itself. It was a violation of Council’s norms, however, and I’m certain it won’t be an isolated incident.
Here is all of Kuffer.

Look, this was just a bad strategic move that backfired.  It was disingenuous on the part of CM Brown and her advisors.  If she really had an issue with this project, other than grandstanding, she or her staff would have walked down the hall and visit with CM Rodriguez and/or his staff to air their concerns and give them a heads up.   The folks behind CM Brown are going to continue playing their games and hope to create an impression that this administration is spending beyond its means or something like that.  Let the disruptions begin!

The Golden Globes are Sunday night and “Moneyball” is in the running for some hardware.   Name the two baseball theme movies that rank in the top 5 of the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top 100 Sports Movies?

According to a Star Telegram story, social conservatives are meeting in the Lone Star State this weekend to figure out an alternative too Mitt Romney or to figure out how kissing up to Romney is going to feel.  Check out the story here.
Unless things change dramatically in the next 8 days, Romney is on his way to wrapping this up.  

Commentary is a big fan of “The Today Show” and today they celebrated their 60th BD with a lot of the former gang in Studio 1A like Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw, Bryant Gumbel, Barbara Walter and a whole bunch of others.  It was a very good show and brought back a lot of good and sad memories.

“The Pride of the Yankees” at numero 3 and “Bull Durham” at numero 5 of course rank in the Top 5 of AFI’s Top 100 Sports Movies with “Raging Bull” at numero uno.

About 1000 Tea Baggers will gather at The Yard this weekend to talk bad about The President and stuff like that.  I wonder if CM Brown will be there to give them a welcome on behalf of the City.


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Commentary watched City Council on the tube yesterday and it got a bit interesting.  Chris Moran captured most of it in the Chron today but I’ll add my take after you read his:

It was about a bike path. But it was about so much more.

Councilwoman Helena Brown and Councilman James Rodriguez squared off publicly Wednesday in the kind of bare-knuckled politics usually deployed in a back room.

The outer layer of the onion had them disagreeing on whether the city should spend $2.3 million on a bike path along Sims Bayou in Rodriguez’s District I. Brown called it a "luxury" the city cannot afford in tough economic times.

Underneath that layer, though, Brown had violated an unspoken commandment of the council horseshoe: Thou shalt not question a project in another council member’s district.

Rodriguez told Brown in no uncertain terms that his constituents support it. And, in so many words, to mind her own business.

"I think you’re going to find out real quick there’s a 16-1 answer to your question," Rodriguez said. He was prophetic. Brown was the lone vote against the project.

Peeling further, Rodriguez may have a personal motive. After Rodriguez championed historic designation status for Glenbrook Valley, a neighborhood in his southeast Houston district, Leticia Ablaza, a resident of that district, ran against him in November. Rodriguez won handily. Brown, who represents northwest Houston’s District A, hired Ablaza as her chief of staff.

Different sides

There’s an obvious ideological divide between the two, as well. Rodriguez leans toward Democratic mentors such as State Rep. Carol Alvarado, for whom he worked and who preceded him in his seat. He has championed Latino voting rights through both negotiations and litigation. Brown knocked off an incumbent last month with the support of anti-tax activists who helped her campaign on fiscal conservatism and reining in the fee hikes of the past two years.

Finally, there’s old versus new. Rodriguez is about as veteran as a council member can get in the era of term limits. He just started his third and final two-year term on council. Brown was attending just her second meeting, as were six other newly elected members.

She got moral support in her spat – but not a supporting vote – from fellow newbie Councilman Andrew Burks.

"We’re called the Magnificent Seven. You mess with one, you mess with all," Burks told Rodriguez. "She’s not to be lectured."

‘Racking up bills’

While the seven do not appear to be ideologically aligned, as newcomers they all are, to some extent, wild cards, and Mayor Annise Parker may find herself again, as she did with Burks, explaining rules of decorum and corralling an expanded 17-member council.

Brown did not back down. When she got another turn to speak, she again criticized the project as a luxury item, reading from a statement on her phone.

"We’re going to be making Houston start looking like an aging Hollywood actress," Brown said. "She’s racking up bills on expensive bills and cosmetic surgery while the infrastructure falls apart and other bills go unpaid."

The very next item was for a bike path in Brown’s district. Harris County sought to build a bike path through city land. County money, not city money, Brown said.

It passed 17-0.

This was obviously a strategic move on the part of CM Brown and her advisors.   It looks like they want to spend the next two years or so going after City Hall spending.  Of course, I don’t necessarily think yesterday’s move was a good strategy.  If they thought that CM Rodriguez wouldn’t be forceful in defending his projects, they were dead wrong.  He not only defended, he gave her a stern lecture.   A number of other council members weighed in and supported the project.  To the TV viewer it was pretty obvious that CM Brown was getting her talking points sent to her during the debate via iphone, blackberry, or text gizmos from someone not in the Council Chamber.  She was reading from them when it was her turn to speak.  Maybe she will tell us who was coaching her, err telling her what to say or maybe we will just have to wonder but I think we know pretty much what is going on.  It looks like CM Brown will be the vehicle critics of City Hall are going to ride to go after spending projects.  What else did you expect from CM Brown?

Al Pedrique, was the interim skipper for the D-Backs for 83 games in 2004.  In a three game series with the Giants that September, Pedrique created a bit of a controversy.  Do you recall the controversy?

Burkablog has an interesting take that has me wondering if he thinks The President is going to beat Mitt Romney this November.  Here are bits:

Huntsman — This race was a dress rehearsal for 2016, when he’ll be a real force. He’s extremely intelligent and has considerable personal wealth. He’ll be back.


Perry — All of the damage suffered by Perry was self-inflicted. He ruined his own brand. He could make a comeback in 2016, but he is going to have to develop gravitas. One of the problems with the Perry campaign is that he ran for president as if he were running for governor of Texas. He needs to spend a lot of time traveling around the country — not with that ridiculous security detail, and not to Republican fundraisers, but with one or two travel aides. He needs to learn that the rest of the country isn’t like Texas, it’s not a bunch of evangelicals, and, as a matter of fact, most Americans don’t care for swaggering Texans with big egos. If he is going to have a future, he is going to have to learn how to come across as presidential, something he never did. He could practice debating every now and then, too.

Commentary doesn’t think Guv Dude will ever recover.  It is not in his DNA.
Here is all of Burkablog.

Commentary has grown to like “Whitney.”  Last night’s episode was as hilarious as they get. 

Al Pedrique as skipper of the D-Backs ordered his pitching staff to walk Barry Bonds every time he batted during the three game series so he wouldn’t get career dinger numero 700 at Bank One Park of course.    Pedrique was heavily criticized back then for those moves of course now nobody cares if you know what I mean.

Up until yesterday, Pedrique was the bench coach for the ‘Stros.  He was reassigned to the bullpen and he refused.   Check out the story here.



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Yesterday, the H-Town Mayor announced the new Chairs for the various City Council committees and CM Mike Sullivan lost his Chairmanships.  I guess The Mayor had her reasons for snatching away his Chairmanships.  
Check out the Chron story on the Committee Chairs here.

It looks like H-Town has its own version of the Simpson-Bowles Committee on getting our financial house in order.  Check out the Chron story here.
Some of the recommendations include raising taxes, cutting pensions, cutting public safety, and handing over the library to Harris County. Good luck!  Yeah, sure!

On a related note, the City still has budget issues. Check out today’s Chron.
Good luck on this one too!

Four former MLBers have 2,000 plus career walks as hitters.  Three are in the Hall of Fame.  Name the four?

I wonder how Lone Star State GOPers feel about Guv Dude this morning and his one percent showing last night.   Are they embarrassed by the ineptness of his campaign?  Are they embarrassed that he keeps running behind Cong. Ron Paul?  Do they want someone to fetch him home to avoid further humiliation?  I don’t think anyone has ever scored one percent in a primary in either party and made much of a comeback.  I don’t even think that one percent will allow Dude’s senior advisor to attend his Granite State GOP Convention.   What a pitiful performance!

Commentary looks at the bright side.  Most of Dude’s undoing is self inflicted.  The Lone Star State didn’t have to endure a barrage of insults or criticisms of our public schools, high tuition costs, and number of uninsured.  Dude did most of the damage himself.

Barry Bonds (2558), Ricky Henderson (2190), Babe Ruth (2062), and Ted Williams (2019) of course are the MLBers with 2000 plus walks.    Jeff Bagwell has 1401 career walks and ranks 28th all time in this offensive category.

The ‘Stros’ clubhouse manager retired yesterday and that’s all I have from The Yard.



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We still don’t have any congressional or legislative maps.

We don’t have a clear election day but we’re still getting candidate questionnaires to fill out.

We don’t know who is running for what but we’re still attending candidate screenings.

We can’t file for office and we don’t have a filing deadline.

We might have a state convention before we have our precinct conventions.

Some that have push cards can’t put a date on them.

What a mess!

Reds great Barry Larkin is headed to the MLB Hall of Fame.  In 1995, Larkin was named NL MVP.  Who was the NL MVP runner-up that year?  (If you get this, you really know your stuff.)

Commentary is not a happy camper this morning knowing that HISD Trustee Anna Eastman is not going to be Board President and you shouldn’t be happy either.   Check out Chron.com about this.  I’m not happy with some folks that obviously feel threatened by Anna’s leadership including some Downtown folks.  Some folks are threatened by the fact that Anna isn’t about business as usual over there. Folks, particularly Dems, need to start paying more attention to what is going on at HISD.  We all would be better served if Anna Eastman was Board President. 

In 1995, Barry Larkin batted .319 with 158 base hits to win the NL MVP.  Dante Bichette of course of the Rockies was the MVP runner up after he batted .340 with 40 dingers and 128 RBIs.

Jeff Bagwell didn’t get a Hall of Fame call yesterday – drats!

Congrats to Alyson’s Footnotes!  From the ‘Stros website:

Alyson’s Footnotes, the popular blog by Alyson Footer featured on www.astros.com, placed third in MLB.com’s blog rankings for 2011 in the PRO 100 division.

MLB.com’s Hot Stove Blog finished first in the PRO 100 division, ahead of Better Off Red, which is found on the Cincinnati Reds website. The list consists of the top 100 blogs in the MLB.com network, based on the amount of hits, not including fan blogs or those posted by MLB.com beat writers.

Footer, who is the Astros Senior Director of Social Media, provides a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective on Astros topics with her blog, including on-field and off-the-field features, stories and photos.

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Burkablog pretty much sums up Guv Dude’s current plight. 
Check it out here.

Same goes for the insiders at Texas Tribune here.

I just don’t know what Dude is trying to pull.  He’s not even going to make it into double digits tomorrow or next week.  Maybe it hasn’t sunk in that he’s being punked by Mitt Romney or maybe he can’t accept it. 

You know it is bad when the media reported last week that some fella from H-Town flew on his own dime to New Hampshire to volunteer for Dude and found out that Dude didn’t have an operation in the state.  Heck, isn’t that the state where his senior consultant lives and Toomey has a vacation pad?  What an embarrassment!

Though Dude may be inept on the national scene, Romney reminds me of a slick con artist.  If they ever decide to remake the classic “The Sting”, Romney could easily fit in as one of Henry Gondorff’s players.  Every time I see Romney, I hear Scott Joplin tunes in the background.

Jeff Bagwell had 449 career dingers.  What were the most dingers Baggy ever had in a season?

The Texans did A-OK in the playoffs.  They should be the lead national media story in the NFL this week but instead that honor goes to Tebow as it should.  Heck, even Lady Gaga is rooting, err praying for Tebow.  Some local fans are a bit perturbed that the Texans’ defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is interviewing this Friday for another gig.   I don’t have a problem with that as long as we don’t have a defensive meltdown this Sunday.

The place to be Friday night was Mini Timmaraju’s going away party Downtown.  The A-List was there for sure.

The place to be Saturday night was out at Ellington Field at my pal Bill King’s 60th BD celebration at his airport hangar.  The A-List was also there.

Where were you?

In 2000, Baggy had 47 dingers of course.  Baggy will find out today if he makes it in to the MLB Hall of Fame.  That would be nice news from The Yard. 



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The HISD superintendent is fixing to get a $68,000 pay raise.  According to the Chron, he met certain criteria.  From the Chron:

The (HISD School) board rated (Terry) Grier, in part, on 74 academic measures, such as student test scores and the district’s graduation rate. Grier met 41 of those measures and showed progress on 17.

If they would have rated him on overseeing contracts and vendor purchases and the shady ethics practices that those departments lack, he probably would have owed us around 90% of his current paycheck. 
Check out the Chron piece here.

Here is the latest from the Chron on the December jobs report.  It is progress.

The streets of Houston will be a lot quieter in the afternoon tomorrow as most folks will be tuned in to the Texans. 

I goofed yesterday.  Here is what I put out:

Over the past ten MLB seasons, which Division has produced the most Cy Young Award  winners?

The NL Central of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are The Rocket (2004), Chris Carpenter (2005), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

That was a mistake.  Here is the correct answer:

The NL West of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are Randy Johnson (2002), Eric Gagne (2003), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

In a few days, Jeff Bagwell will know if he makes it into the Hall of Fame this year.  Baggy ranks in the top 45 all time in three major career batting categories.  Name the three categories?

My pal Bill King put out New Year’s resolutions yesterday.  Here are some:

Congress: Stop demagoguing the immigration issue and come up with a real solution.

State of Texas: Simplify and fix public education funding.

Houston drivers: Treat every other car like your mother is driving it.

Occupy Houston: Pay for your electricity and stop that chanting. You sound like idiots.

Tea party: Try coming up with some solutions to our country’s problems instead of just saying "no" to everything.

Houston’s law enforcement unions: The next time you think about saying that trace drug cases should be prosecuted because those people will probably commit a crime in the future, hire a public relations firm to help refine your message and/or read the U.S. Constitution, preferably the latter.

Republican presidential candidates: Stop debating, please.

President Obama: Stop giggling every time there is a Republican presidential debate.

Fox News and MSNBC: Resolve to become actual news organizations instead of public relations organs of the Republican and Democratic parties.

American Public: Stop watching Fox and MSNBC if they don’t.

See Bill’s entire piece here.

Jeff Bagwell ranks 32nd all time in slugging percentage, 35th in the dinger category, and 45th in RBIs of course, so he deserves a place in the MLB Hall of Fame. 

Here is what B-G-O said about the new ownership:

"We’re in a new chapter for Houston Astros baseball, and I’m excited about the direction we’re going.”

We will see.


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The only folks that are happy that Guv Dude stayed in the race are staffers and consultants that want to keep getting paid, Mitt Romney, and writers for late night talk shows.  The reaction from most folks was – huh!

I was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday and CM Mike Sullivan publicly called out Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother over an appointment or something like that.  What’s up with that?

Evergoner didn’t get any jail time yesterday.  Who cares anyway?

Over the past ten MLB seasons, which Division has produced the most Cy Young Award  winners?

The hard copy of the Chron is sporting a makeover of sorts this morning.  The Chron says it is a “cleaner design to make the newspaper easier to navigate.”  The photos are bigger and the paper has “typefaces that give us a modern, more open look.”

Here is a Chron article on vendor and purchasing problems at HISD.

Here is one from Texas Watchdog on ethics, err lack of at HISD.

It is kind of a sad commentary that folks get away with a lot of unethical behavior over there at HISD and very few say anything about it.  We might as well tell Texas Watchdog and the Chron to stop putting the spotlight on the bad apples because folks are not going to do anything about it.  Oh well!

Chris Moran of the Chron had this from H-Town Inaugural Day:

Councilman Andrew Burks (At-Large 2) said during remarks at the Council meeting that the song “Never Give Up,” performed at the inaugural ceremony by Grammy Award winner Yolanda Adams, was particularly poignant for him. He was elected to Council last month on his 13th run for public office.

The NL Central of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are The Rocket (2004), Chris Carpenter (2005), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

Nothing from The Yard but in the NL Central the Cubbies traded away pitcher Carlos Zambrano.  Z was acting stupid and calling out his players.   He wore out his welcome. 



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Guv Dude had his swagger snatched from him last night when he couldn’t even survive Round 1.

43 still has swagger, Dude doesn’t.  His swagger cred is permanently gone.  Poof!  Just like that.  Sorry pal. MoFo is just the 13th, 15th, 6th, and 15th letters of the alphabet.  MoFo doesn’t mean squat now!  They also ought to take away his pistol and give him a squirt gun.  He didn’t even look as good as a 16th seed going up against a #1 seed in the first round of March Madness.  His biggest contribution to this year’s prez race was that he provided the most and best material to late night talk show hosts.  Late night talk will miss him the most.

Here is a bit from burkablog:

He’s done.

As others have pointed out, Perry is still governor, and will be until his term expires in January 2015. Unless he decides to run again, the 2013 legislative session will be his last. In a perfect world, Perry would settle back into the governor’s office and try to redeem himself for the damage he has inflicted on Texas during the ten years of his governorship. The budget is in shambles, the schools have been starved of funds, teachers have been laid off, the health care infrastructure is rickety, the state water plan went unfunded in a drought of historic proportions, and the state’s two flagship universities have been under attack by the governor’s office. Perry could undo some of the consequences of his policies, but the best thing he can do for Texas in the time left to him is to resign.

Here is all of burkablog.

Well at least Lone Star State taxpayers won’t be on the hook for his security detail in any more GOP primary states.  That ought to save us a few million.

The state’s media outlets won’t have to send their political teams to cover him so they will also save some dough.

I wonder if the Toomey Super PAC hitched a ride with Dude on the trip back to Austin last night?

Over the past ten MLB seasons, which Division has produced the most MVP winners?

Brief observations from yesterday’s inaugural ceremony:

The Hobby Center was about 2/3 full.

One of the Kubosh fellas escorted Helena Brown on stage and she blew us all a kiss.

The Mayor’s #1 priority for the next two years is to bring more jobs to H-Town.

Commentary and MariGirl obtained special seating up in the private boxes and at times our view was obscured by some pigeons.

The National League Central of course has produced five MVP winners in the past ten seasons:  Albert Pujols (2005, 2008, 2009), Joey Votto (2010), and Ryan Broid (2011).

Yesterday the ‘Stros announced that they had hired a “director of decision sciences” so I guess they will have to build the fella a lab so he can create us a World Serious winner – it’s alive!


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