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The federal judges are saying a deal has to be cut by next Monday (Feb. 6) if we want to hold the primaries on April 3.  Commentary can’t remember the last time the Dems and GOPers cut a deal on anything here in the Lone Star State.  It would mean that both sides would have to give up something very political.  Now that is interesting.  It is kind of like giving up one of their own.  Who draws the short straw?

All the different plaintiffs on the Dem side would have to agree on who or what to give up – nice!  There would have to be some winners and maybe some that didn’t win.

Of course, folks don’t have to cut a deal.  They can roll the dice so to speak and have the election delayed until June.  Some of the party activists and leaders from both sides are getting a little nervous because a June primary would mess up the scheduled June state party conventions.

If both sides agree to cut a deal, don’t do it to save the state conventions.  If a deal is going to be cut to save an April 3 election, then I hope they can at least show some substantive political gains for the folks that sued and for the communities that were discriminated against.  Stay tuned!

Lefty Zach Duke signed on with the ‘Stros last week.  In his rookie year as a Pirate in 2005, Duke ended up in fifth place for the NL Rookie of the Year Award.  Who won the award that year and who was the runner-up?

Commentary and my pal Joe Householder got some run in the Washington Post this past Saturday.  The subject matter of the piece was Guv Dude’s return to the Lone Star State.   Joe had the best line if you ask me:

“You’ve got a situation where the 800-pound gorilla just did a season on ‘Biggest Loser,’ said Democratic strategist Joe Householder of Houston-based Purple Strategies. “But now he’s a 300-pound gorilla,” and that’s still not a house pet.

CEWDEM put out the piece this past Saturday.   BTW:  There haven’t been many Dude sightings to speak of since he got home. 

In 2005, Ryan Howard of course of the Phillies won the NL Rookie of the Year Award.  Willie Taveras of the ‘Stros was runner-up.   Taveras hasn’t played in the bigs since 2010.

Zach Duke’s career won-loss record is 48-74 and he has a 4.56 career ERA.  I don’t know about that.


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