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Burkablog gives his take on Guv Dude’s lousy numbers in the latest poll of Lone Star State voters.  Check it out here.

Here is a taste of what Burkablog says in his piece:

In a recent post, I raised the question of whether Perry could be reelected. I didn’t think so then, and I don’t think so now.


The problem for Perry is that the American people have made up their minds about him–and so have most Texans. His brand is ruined.

Kuffer also gives us his take and here is what he says: 

Perry can be beaten in the (2014) general if he’s the nominee. Whether he can be taken in another GOP primary I couldn’t say. Until there’s a race between two people, who knows who can beat whom?

Here is Kuffer’s entire take.

2014 is a long ways from the first month of 2012.  Right now I would think that Dude’s toughest challenge in 2014 would be to win the GOP Primary. 

I like Burkablog and Kuffer and think they are pretty smart fellas, but I wish they would explain to me how Dems could take Dude down in a 2014 general election.   There isn’t anything in the Dem arsenal these days that would pose a threat to Dude in 2014 – nada.  Lone Star State Dems don’t have a coherent message, a GOTV infrastructure, and most importantly a serious program to engage the growing Latino vote.   We’re not going to do it with emails, yard signs, and bumper stickers that say “Vote Oops Out!”

The Rocket has won 7 Cy Young Awards – 1986, 1987, 1991, 1997, 1998, 2001, and 2004.  How many times has he won the Cy Young Award by a unanimous vote? Bonus:  Go on ahead and name the year(s).

It is kind of scary to think that GOP Prez contenders are checking out Commentary.  Here is what I said yesterday:

Look for Latinos and immigration and The DREAM Act to get some major play tonight.

The first 20 minutes of the debate last night was spent on immigration.  They didn’t touch on The DREAM Act but they did talk a whole lot about potential Latinos in the cabinet, Latin America, English only, and Spanish language ads.   I was disappointed in Newt in that he missed some opportunities to hit Mitt and ended up getting slapped around.  He should have jumped into Mitt on not owning his radio ad.

A huge way to go goes to my good friend and pal and one of the sharpest folks I know, Melaney Linton at Planned Parenthood.  Check out their press release:

The Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast have appointed Melaney Linton as the next President and CEO. Linton, who currently serves as COO, will assume the role currently held by Peter J. Durkin on March 1, 2012.

Melaney has had a long, successful career with PPGC. Just two weeks ago, Melaney celebrated her 24th anniversary of employment with PPGC.  She has provided leadership in a variety of roles. Melaney has a knack for getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats so the individual and the organization can excel.

A 1985 graduate of Texas A&M University, Melaney began her career with us in January 1988 as a Clinic Assistant.  She was promoted to Quality Assurance/Risk Management Coordinator later that year.  In 1992, Melaney had a leadership role on our Security Task Force and trained hundreds of volunteers for clinic defense in preparation for the Republican National Convention.  Over the years Melaney has played a pivotal role in the expansion of our service area and of the range of services provided to our clients.

In 1993, Melaney was promoted to Director of Clinic Operations and Risk Management, after completing the renovation of the Greenspoint health center while managing the construction and expansion of our former Fannin headquarters. She helped open the new Stafford health center and reorganized the Rosenberg and Dickinson health centers. 

In 1997, Melaney assumed the role of Vice President of Medical Services and a year later was appointed Senior Vice President of Medical Services.  In that role, she oversaw the expansion of abortion services to our Bryan health center.

In 2007, Melaney was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and provided guidance for the management and ultimate merger with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta (PPLAMD). 

Most recently she has played a key role in the expansion of medical services through two new proposed health centers: Northwest health center slated to open later this month in Houston and a new flagship health center for New Orleans to open next year. 

On the national level, Melaney served as consultant to the Consortium of Abortion Providing Affiliates (CAPS) from 1996-2000.  She chaired the PPFA National Patient Services Council Steering Committee from 2001-2005. She served on the PPFA National Medical Committee from 1998-2005. 

Melaney truly understands the Planned Parenthood mission and is prepared for her upcoming challenging role. This is evident from her statements made at yesterday’s PPGC Roe v. Wade luncheon.

"I am honored and humbled to be entrusted with such a sacred duty."

“I pledge to do everything in my power to fight back against the ideological attacks on Planned Parenthood and women, so that no teen will ever say she didn’t know how she got pregnant, no one will ever be denied basic reproductive health care, and no woman will ever be forced to bear children she cannot adequately support.”

Like I said, Melaney is one of the smartest people in town.  She could be a CEO of any corporate entity in town if you ask me.  Way to go Mel!

The Rocket was the unanimous AL Cy Young Award winner in 1986 and 1998 of course.

“Lights Out” Lidge is now a National and I don’t have anything from The Yard!


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