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Major newspapers across the state are running a story today on the latest Lone Star State poll on how folks here feel about Guv Dude now that he’s home after a thorough national arse kicking.  Check out the poll story here.

Nothing in the poll surprises me and I can probably explain a number that may have some baffled.   One of the questions asks:  How has Gov. Perry’s run for the presidency affected your view of him?  Less favorable is 41%.  Unchanged is 47%.  More favorable is at 9%.

You see those 9% “more favorable” thought he was a complete dumbarse before he got into the race but at least he had the good sense to get out and endorse Newt, so they have a “more favorable” view of him.  You have a better explanation?

Newt has to score some points tonight at the debate or he will lose Florida next week.  Look for Latinos and immigration and The DREAM Act to get some major play tonight.  Also look for Newt to be a lot more aggressive.  I’ll be watching.

Yesterday, Comerica handed over to the H-Town Mayor $100,000 for the Julia Ideson Library renovations.  In 2000, Comerica took over the naming rights for whose MLB crib?  Bonus:  How many World Serious titles does that MLB team own?

Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council meeting on the tube yesterday and lost track of how many times CM Helena Brown was the only “no” vote on a bunch of agenda items.

Yesterday I mentioned the Vice President not sitting still during The President’s State of the union address and I got this from someone:

Undeserved – "V.P at least did not pick nose" The man’s, what, right at 70 and can get uncomfortable! To ascribe "potential" bad manners to him is an undermining tactic of the right.

Otherwise,  good Commentary.

Oh, well!

I don’t have a problem with the GOP anti paperless folk Governor of Arizona trying to get in The President’s face yesterday.  All it does is remind Latino voters of the anti Latino GOP rhetoric.

Comerica acquired the naming rights to the Detroit Tigers’ new crib of course before it opened in 2000.   The Tigers have won four World Serious titles of course, in 1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984.

At yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting, CM James Rodriguez asked the new ‘Stros owner to take the name change issue off of the table.

On the proposed team name change, The Mayor said her first reaction was “negative.”

I hope they heard about this at The Yard!


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