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The First Lady’s guest included former astronaut Mark Kelley (Cong. Gifford’s hubby), Debbie Bosanek (Warren Buffet’s secretary), SA Mayor Julian Castro, and a woman that lost her job and then went back to school, got retrained and got a better job.  House Speaker John Boehner’s guest included the Keystone Pipeline supporters.

Somebody should have provided the Vice President with throat lozenges.  A few of his coughs were very noticeable.  He also couldn’t sit still.  The only thing he didn’t do was pick his nose.

The silliest thing said was at the start of the GOP response when Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels referenced that he was speaking from the site (Indianapolis) of next month’s Super Bowl 46.  Who cares? 

The President got a so-so response when he mentioned ending the practice of insider trading by members of Congress.

I thought he did a nice job stressing the need to pass The DREAM Act even though he didn’t mention The DREAM Act by name.

Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee, who probably has the State of the Union world record for getting her mug with Presidents, once again got face time with The President as he departed and apparently invited him to H-Town and of course he is going to say OK, so SJL immediately announced that The President was coming to H-Town.  

Of course he is coming to H-Town.  He has to come here at least once or twice this year to pick up some dough for his campaign.

Commentary has to admit that I got misty eyed when The President and Gabby Giffords hugged.

Former Brewer Prince Fielder is now a Detroit Tiger.  The slugging great got him a nice contract.  Name the last Tiger that had his jersey number retired by the team?

The Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg has a column on my pal Massey Villarreal, a GOPer, and his consideration of supporting Newt because of his support for The DREAM Act.  Check what he has to say:

Villarreal says the former House speaker told him he wanted his ideas, about immigration reform, about international trade. And then he assured Villarreal that he too believed in El Sueno Americano, the American dream, and the name of an influential book by San Antonio-based political consultant Lionel Sosa. (Unbeknownst to Villarreal at the time, Sosa has become a consultant on Gingrich’s campaign.)

Here is Lisa’s column.

I wonder if Massey was watching the debate Monday night and saw Newt retreat some from The DREAM Act.   Massey and Sosa better start getting Newt back on full support of The DREAM Act or they are going to look like chumps.

Former skipper Sparky Anderson of course had his numero 11 retired by the team in 2011.  Sparky managed the Tigers from 1979-1995 and is no longer with us.

The Chron asked ‘Stros fans to weigh in on the name change issue and 80% said leave the name alone.  I would hope that the new owner would announce today that he is taking the name change proposal off the table and focus on making the team better.


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