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According to Texas Watchdog, Terry O’Rourke, top assistant to Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, sent a letter to the federal judge requesting leniency for Evergoner.  I don’t know about that.  Here is from Texas Watchdog:

“Jerry Eversole is not a crook," O’Rourke said. “He didn’t take bribes or kickbacks. That’s just not who the guy is.”

Evergoner pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI so I guess that doesn’t make him a crook.  Also from Watchdog:

“Based on what I saw, I would not have removed him from office,” said O’Rourke, who attended as much of the case as he could. He also reviewed the voluminous trail of paper that such a case emits.

Here is the entire Watchdog piece.

Here is Hunker Down’s take on O’Rourke from Texas Watchdog:

It was ill-advised, (Harris County Judge Ed) Emmett said in an interview last week, “particularly since that office is supposed to be the ethics watchdog for the county.”

“I think we’re going to have a lot of conversations about the role of the county attorney’s office and the role of ethics,” Emmett said. “We passed an ethics policy over two years ago, and the way it’s being implemented leaves a lot to be desired. It will have to be discussed, and this letter is another piece of it. It relates to the ethics committee and whether the county attorney has told them what they can and can’t do.”

The Chron also has a take on the matter here.

Instead of being a watchdog for the County, O’Rourke was a lapdog for Evergoner.  That’s too bad.

The new owner of the ‘Stros is studying a team name change.  What a dumbarse thing to contemplate!  We’re the ‘Stros!  We wear the brick red!  We have the open star!  Leave it alone!  If you want to change anything, get rid of that Junction Jack fella!

Speaking of the team, name the pitcher that holds the franchise record for pitching losses in a season?

Alan Rosen is a nice fella.  His campaign for Harris County Constable, Pct. 1, put out a press release yesterday with the following headline:


Here is how it started:

Houston — Alan Rosen today welcomed the support and endorsement of local Black and Hispanic leaders.  Joining the list of high-profile community leaders supporting the Alan Rosen for Constable  Campaign include the Hon. Lee P. Brown, former Mayor of Houston; Hon. C.O. “Brad” Bradford, ! ! Member of Houston City Council, Rev. William A. Lawson, Pastor Emeritus and the founding pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Gilbert Garcia, Managing Partner Garcia Hamilton & Associates, L.P., Howard Jefferson, Member of the National Board of the NAACP, Dr. Benjamin Hall, III, Attorney and Founder of The Hall Law Firm, Roland Garcia, Attorney/Partner, Greenberg Traurig Law Firm, and Rev. Dr. Edwin Allen Davis, inspirational community leader, Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.


“Needless to say, I’m honored to have the endorsement of community leaders I have admired  and respected through the years,” said Alan Rosen. “I have had the honor and privilege to have worked with many of these men over the course of my 21 year career in law enforcement. There are none better.”

It was a nice try at “diversity” but it would have been nicer to see some females in the press release.

Notes from last night’s debate:

The candidates are running Spanish language ads in Florida but favor English-only.

Newt backed off a bit on The DREAM Act.

Romney sounds like a whiner.

Notes from the gathering at The Yard last night:

About 200 season ticket holders showed up.

Some fans want to know how come ticket prices aren’t reduced yet team payroll is significantly reduced.

Some domestic beers will be cheaper.  I’m betting St. Arnold isn’t domestic.

The team has been losing money.

They are going to review discount pricing.

A number of folks spoke out against a name change.

Now you can bring in water and grub to the games.

The grub they served last night was nice.

The new GM touted the signing of former UH star Chris Snyder who plays catcher. 

Turk Farrell of course was 10-20 back in 1962 when we were called the Colt ‘45s.  The 20 losses are the most in franchise history. 

You can read about the changes at The Yard here.



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