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When it comes to Supreme Court decisions, Commentary wants straight talk and not spin.  Here is the first line from statements and articles that came out last Friday after the Supremes ruled on the maps.  You decide:

From The Texas Democratic Party:  “The Supreme Court did not strike down the interim maps.”

Tim Eaton from the Austin American Statesman:  The U.S. Supreme Court this morning rejected the redistricting maps drawn by a panel of federal judges in San Antonio.

From AP: The Supreme Court has thrown out electoral maps drawn by federal judges in Texas that favored minorities.

Gary Martin and Nolan Hicks of the SA Express News:  The U.S. Supreme Court ordered a Texas panel of federal judges on Friday to redraw its interim redistricting maps, a decision that will probably postpone Texas’s already-delayed primary elections.

Aman Batheja, Star Telegram:  The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday to toss out court-drawn maps that had been intended to be used for the 2012 elections.

Lone Star Project:  Earlier today, the US Supreme Court overturned the interim Texas redistricting plans ordered by a San Antonio District Court in November.

From GOP AG Greg Abbott:  The Supreme Court confirmed that the San Antonio court drew illegal maps, without regard for the policy decisions of elected leaders.

My pal Robert Miller put out a take Friday to let everyone know he got it “right.”  Here is part of his take:

In closing, I will note that I received pushback when I wrote the following after attending the Supreme Court January 9 hearing:

My read of the oral argument is that the Supreme Court is likely to issue an opinion before the end of January.  I believe that ruling will overturn the San Antonio court plan, and instruct that greater deference be given to the legislative plan.

I was right.

Robert was right alright.  Maybe I’ll just tune everyone else out and just listen to Robert when it comes to the maps as long as he doesn’t take me down spin lane or it is revealed he has a secret agenda.

I’m betting the folks that have been running HCC are wishing that new Trustee Carroll Robinson would go away. Here is a 10 minute YouTube titled “Don’t Treat HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson as a ‘Stupid Ass’”
Check it out here. 
I’ll go out on a limb and say that Carroll is going to shake things up over there at HCC and let us know what is going on.  I don’t have a problem with that.

Some members of the 1986 ‘Stros got together this past weekend at a Tristar sponsored reunion of sorts. In the 1986 NLCS between the ‘Stros and the Mets, both teams combined for 8 dingers during the 6 games series.  Name the players that hit the dingers?

This past Saturday the Chron E-Board weighed in on the stern lecture H-Town CM Rodriguez gave to CM Brown a couple of weeks ago at a council meeting.
Check it out here. 

Also this past Saturday, Bill White penned an op-ed that ran in the Chron giving advice to Guv Dude now that he’s back home.   I’m betting that Dude doesn’t give a rat’s arse what White has to say and I’m also betting that he won’t read the op-ed.   If you want to read it you can check it out here.

It looks like the City of H-Town is going to finally settle this red light camera mess.  Check out the Chron story here.   The Kuboshes of course led the effort to kill the cameras.  They were also big donors to CM Helena Brown and in fact one of the Kubosh brothers was her escort at the inaugural.  I wonder if CM Brown will support the settlement and vote to cough up 2 mil or so.

I’m not going to say anything but watching the Newt and Mitt show is kind of fun.  What a nice way to spend last Saturday night.  The two latest polls taken last night now show Newt leading in Florida.  Well what do you know!

During the 1986 NLCS Glenn Davis, Bill Doran, Alan Ashby, Dickie Thon, and Billy Hatcher of course had dingers for the ‘Stros, Darryl Strawberry had 2 dingers and Lenny Dykstra one for the Mets of course. 

I’ll be going to The Yard this evening to hear from the new leadership.


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