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Commentary doesn’t have to explain where he stands on this.  Yesterday the new owner of the ‘Stros allowed Pam-In-Charge to resign as President of Business Operations. Check out the following stories:

Pam Gardner leaves Astros with ‘no regrets.
Gardner to assume role as adviser to Crane.

If you ask me the new owner and his sidekick Postolos just made a dumbarse bonehead move.  Pam-In-Charge ran the side of the operation that was actually functioning well.   Up until yesterday the ‘Stros were one of the few major professional sports franchises in the U.S. of A., heck in the world, that had a high ranking female President.  Not anymore. 

I could go on and on about Pam’s accomplishments over at The Yard.  The one I like to champion is the 30% minority/women ownership of the food service operation since The Yard opened in 2000.  Some folks think that it is just the team and Aramark that make the dough off of food, concessions, and souvenirs.  A stellar group from H-Town’s minority/women community also profit.

The new owner came in under a cloud of a diversity challenged past.  That cloud is still there if you ask me.

Every now and then I check out the comments after an article.  Some fella tossed a good riddance message to Pam and this fella was still complaining about the “Sweet Caroline” tune being played when the Red Sox were in town last summer.  I’m betting the fella wasn’t even at the game.  There were only a handful of us ‘Stros fans in attendance and about 38,000 from Red Sox nation.

Among active MLB pitchers, who leads in career strikeouts?

It is back to the drawing board as the Supreme Court has thrown out the San Antonio court maps.  We still don’t have districts!  We still don’t have an election date!  What a mess!

Commentary went to check out Wikipedia to read their take on “open marriage.”  It is pretty much what I expected.   What I didn’t expect to read is the number of notable folks on the “open marriage” list – allegedly.  There is a big time talk show host, Academy Award winners and nominees, noted philosophers, and an NBAer.   Newt is in good company – allegedly!

Commentary got a big laugh out of Newt’s pious act last night when John King asked him about the “open marriage” stuff.  This ain’t going away Newt!

New HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson just got sworn in and now he has an op-ed in today’s Chron telling the City of H-Town how to fix their finances – huh! 
Check it out here.   Commentary heard the Trustee was in rare form at his first meeting.  Trustee Carroll needs to focus on cleaning up the HCC mess first.

My pal Michelle Wittenburg told me yesterday about a website where you can find pottery with Beatles themes.  Check it out here.  You can never get enough Beatles stuff if you ask me and this stuff is pretty cool. 

Javier Vazquez of course leads all active MLB pitchers with 2,536 Ks.  Vasquez played for the Fish last year and right now he is a free agent.

I don’t have anything else from The Yard.


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