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In a Lone Star State poll released yesterday, Guv Dude comes in third in the Prez Primary.  That’s not surprising as most GOP folks probably think that he’s never going to get the nomination.  
Burkablog has a take on the poll and Dude’s future.

Here is part Burkablog:

These are terrible numbers for Perry. He faces the potential embarrassment of losing the Texas presidential primary to Romney and perhaps not even finishing second. He will have to evaluate whether he is a viable candidate for reelection. I think the answer is no. He is damaged goods, and the more he prolongs the fiction that he belongs on the debate stage with the other Republican aspirants, the more damaged he will be.

Perry’s presidential campaign has left him vulnerable to defeat should he choose to seek a fourth term as governor in 2014. Republicans have to worry that he might even lose to a Democrat (Paul Hobby comes to mind, or John Sharp.) The numbers indicate that his stature in Texas has seriously eroded to the point that, if he decides to run for reelection, he cannot be sure of victory. Donors who contributed to his presidential race may think twice before throwing good money after bad.

The long-term significance of these numbers is that Perry’s poor performance on the campaign trail has destabilized Texas politics. Politicians understand the meaning of these numbers. It means that the aura of invinicibility that has surrounded Perry during the past ten years is gone. It means that the fear Perry has been able to generate has greatly diminished, if not altogether evaporated. It means that if Perry does run for reelection in 2014 and is victorious, he will face serious pushback from veteran legislators.

Perry’s term as governor expires in January, 2015. He can continue in office until then, but the end of the long Perry governorship is in sight.

I agree with most of what Burkablog says with the exception of the Democrats that might be able to take Dude down in 2014.  Can we please stop throwing John Sharp into the mix for anything?   I like Paul Hobby but do you really think that he is going to fire up the base?   Dems can do a lot better like maybe the Mayor of San Antonio or the Dem State Senator from Tarrant County. 

Of course on the other hand, Dude may just decide to hang them up and get out of the game altogether.   What he really needs to do is withdraw or suspend or whatever after South Carolina, come home and lay real low for a while.  Then he needs to get off of that bombastic red meat diet and start munching on some humble pie.  He’s not going to do the state any good if he comes home and acts like the same old Dude.

Of course, everybody knows that pitcher Wandy Rodriguez is the only 2005 World Serious ‘Stro who is still wearing the brick red.  How many 2005 World Serious games did Wandy get in to and explain the circumstances?

Commentary forgot to wish The First Lady a happy birthday yesterday.  I hope she’s not mad a me.

HPD’s Mounted Patrol is now in the naming rights business.  For $5,000 a year, you can put a name/sponsorship on one of the 31 horses.
Check out the Chron story.  I don’t have a problem as long as they have rules and guidelines and good taste.  For instance, I don’t want to see the Hand Doctor’s name on a saddle.  I don’t want to see political or issue advertising on saddles either.  If these guys can stop you for drinking and stuff like that, I don’t want to see beer logos either.  You get the picture.

Wandy Rodriguez played in two games of the 2005 World Serious against the White Sox of course.  He pitched 3 and 1/3 innings of Game 1 replacing The Rocket after The Rocket left the game early after two innings because of hamstring issues.   Wandy pitched the last 1/3 of the top of the 14th in the 14 inning loss in Game 3.  Wandy is celebrating his 33rd BD today.

The ‘Stros signed pitcher J.A. Happ to a one-year deal for $2.35 mil after going 6-15 with a 5.35 ERA last year.  I don’t know about that!


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