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Chris Moran has a story today about H-Town CM Mike Sullivan planning to resign in December if he wins the GOP Primary Tax Assessor-Collector nomination.  Check out the story here.  If he wins the primary, he will submit a letter of resignation effective December 31 so the City could call an election in November at the same time we’re voting for Prez.  There would be little cost to the City as opposed to a full blown special election.

Here is how the incumbent GOP Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners reacts in the piece:

"The whole plan is to avoid criticism for leaving his office early," Sumners said. "I don’t know that he’s going to be able to pull that off."

CM Sullivan is trying to head off attacks:

In planning for his departure, Sullivan said, he looked for "the most democratic process we can engage in at no cost to taxpayers for there to be an elected representative for District E."

I think the Sumners campaign is going to make an issue of Sullivan not serving out his term and probably score a few points with GOP voters.

I wonder if Chris Moran is going to track down CM Wanda Adams and ask her about her plans.  I do think that leaving office early is a bigger deal among GOP voters though.

Of course, what happens if CM Sullivan wins the primary, submits his letter of resignation, the political climate changes somewhat, more Latinos show up to the polls in November, a number of Dems win countywide, and Sullivan is one of the GOPers that bite the dust?   CM Sullivan obviously doesn’t think much of Dem chances in November here in Harris County.

The Greatest is celebrating his 70th BD today.    Muhammad Ali fought in H-Town four times, err five if you count the one against the federal government when he refused induction into the armed forces.  In the ring he took on Buster Mathis and Jimmy Ellis in 1971, Ernie Terrell in 1967, and Cleveland Williams in 1966.  Commentary had the privilege of attending the Terrell and Williams bouts at the Astrodome.  He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee.  Happy Birthday Champ!

Among active MLBers, this player leads in career stolen bases and caught stealing.   Name the player?

Jacoby Jones owned it yesterday.  Here is what he said:

“I made a mistake.  It’s something I’ve got to grow from. I apologized to my teammates.”

It was still a very dumb play.

Commentary was watching the red carpet show before the Golden Globes Sunday evening and found it odd that Elton John called out Madonna and her song in the best song category.  Elton also had a song in the same category.  Madonna ended up winning and they showed Elton with a stern look as Madonna gave her acceptance speech.  Elton’s husband then went on to rip Madonna on twitter.   Come on!  This is just the Golden Globes, you know, the Academy Awards without the “esteem”!

The dreaded C&Es are due today. 

Juan Pierre of course leads active MLBers with 554 career stolen bases and 190 times caught stealing.  Pierre is a free agent and waiting to be signed.

There is absolutely nothing to report from The Yard.


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