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Serious and casual local sports fans will forever remember the name Jacoby Jones when they think about the one that got away. 

Here is what Chron sports columnist Jerome Soloman said:
Jacoby Jones will be the most chastised, cussed and criticized figure in Houston sports for the foreseeable future.

His first-quarter fumble was so ridiculously stupid that ridiculously stupid isn’t the best way to describe it. It is all I have right now.d, well, he deserves it.

Now, I’m not saying Jones is the reason the Texans lost, but had he missed the team flight and been suspended for the game, the Texans would be playing in Foxboro next Sunday for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  Oh, he is going to be roasted this week and next week and the week after that and forever more.

Here is Coach Kubiak’s reaction in the Chron:
“There’s no excuse,” Kubiak said. “He shouldn’t even be around the ball once that happens. He just made a mistake.”

Here is from the Chron’s General:
Jacoby Jones went brain dead with one of the worst decisions a player could make and helped put the Texans in an early hole they never recovered from.

Jones’ play will go down as one of the dumbest in Houston’s sports history.

I can’t think of a dumber play in H-Town sports history.  If you can, let me know.  The sad thing is that to date, Jacoby hasn’t owned it.  I doubt he will be back in battle red next year.

Name the current active MLBer with the highest career batting average?

Check out this interesting piece on the GOP pi__ing off the Latino vote.
Here is a piece:
Mitt Romney “is done,” said DeeDee Blase, founder of Somos Republicans in Arizona. “He’ll be lucky to get 8 percent of the Hispanic vote” after saying he would veto legislation that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants and accepting the endorsement of anti-immigration activist Kris Kobach, architect of two of the strongest immigration crackdown laws in the country.

Here is an interesting Chron article on GOP Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman’s first year in office.

Here are a few tidbits:
He’d never run for or held office, never voted in a Republican primary.

(Dem County Commissioner El Franco) Lee said hiring political veteran Dave Walden as his chief of staff showed Morman’s maturity. Walden, a top aide under former County Judge Jon Lindsay and former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier, and road and bridge superintendent Jack Rodriguez, another of Morman’s hires, are a pair of “get-the-job-done people,” according to Pasadena Mayor Johnny Isbell.

Oh, well!

Commentary went out to cheer on my niece Cristina Alig running the marathon yesterday and I saw my old pal Kathryn McNiel making her marathon bid.  Way to go!

Commentary checked out a tame Ricky Gervais last night.  Nobody seemed to be offended and in fact Jodie Foster flashed the thumbs up when he mentioned Foster’s “Beaver” – err, her movie.   All the women on the red carpet looked great especially the older ones that have decided they don’t ever need to be touched up including Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Glenn Close. 

The Chron had an editorial last Friday about the County not paying its Rebuild Houston bill.  Here is from the editorial:

This past Tuesday, the Harris County Commissioners Court voted against paying the ReBuild Houston drainage fee for the county-owned Reliant Park Complex. Not only that, but the Commissioners Court also instructed Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan to pursue a refund of $88,000 in drainage fees that the county had already paid.

In response, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff floated the idea of legislation to exempt city residents from paying property taxes to the county.
Here is the entire editorial.

Albert Pujols of course leads all active MLBer with a .328 batting average.

John Huntsman is out today and I’m betting he will be followed by Guv Dude in a week at the latest.

Organizers of the Tea Bagger gathering at The Yard this past weekend were hoping for a bigger crowd.  I hope they don’t try to blame the team’s 106 losses for their lousy turnout.


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