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Kuffer weighs in on this past Wednesday’s doings over at City Hall and calls it CM James Rodriguez vs CM Helena Brown.  Here is a piece:

As for the territorial squabble, on a philosophical level I don’t actually have a problem with a Council member – or any other member of a legislative body – questioning a project in someone else’s district. If something is questionable, then it needs to be questioned. Obviously, I don’t agree with the substance of Brown’s remarks – I support building bike paths along the bayous, and again on a philosophical level, I disagree with Brown’s “we can’t afford that!” mindset – but I don’t consider her speaking out in this fashion to be a sin in and of itself. It was a violation of Council’s norms, however, and I’m certain it won’t be an isolated incident.
Here is all of Kuffer.

Look, this was just a bad strategic move that backfired.  It was disingenuous on the part of CM Brown and her advisors.  If she really had an issue with this project, other than grandstanding, she or her staff would have walked down the hall and visit with CM Rodriguez and/or his staff to air their concerns and give them a heads up.   The folks behind CM Brown are going to continue playing their games and hope to create an impression that this administration is spending beyond its means or something like that.  Let the disruptions begin!

The Golden Globes are Sunday night and “Moneyball” is in the running for some hardware.   Name the two baseball theme movies that rank in the top 5 of the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top 100 Sports Movies?

According to a Star Telegram story, social conservatives are meeting in the Lone Star State this weekend to figure out an alternative too Mitt Romney or to figure out how kissing up to Romney is going to feel.  Check out the story here.
Unless things change dramatically in the next 8 days, Romney is on his way to wrapping this up.  

Commentary is a big fan of “The Today Show” and today they celebrated their 60th BD with a lot of the former gang in Studio 1A like Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw, Bryant Gumbel, Barbara Walter and a whole bunch of others.  It was a very good show and brought back a lot of good and sad memories.

“The Pride of the Yankees” at numero 3 and “Bull Durham” at numero 5 of course rank in the Top 5 of AFI’s Top 100 Sports Movies with “Raging Bull” at numero uno.

About 1000 Tea Baggers will gather at The Yard this weekend to talk bad about The President and stuff like that.  I wonder if CM Brown will be there to give them a welcome on behalf of the City.


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