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Yesterday, the H-Town Mayor announced the new Chairs for the various City Council committees and CM Mike Sullivan lost his Chairmanships.  I guess The Mayor had her reasons for snatching away his Chairmanships.  
Check out the Chron story on the Committee Chairs here.

It looks like H-Town has its own version of the Simpson-Bowles Committee on getting our financial house in order.  Check out the Chron story here.
Some of the recommendations include raising taxes, cutting pensions, cutting public safety, and handing over the library to Harris County. Good luck!  Yeah, sure!

On a related note, the City still has budget issues. Check out today’s Chron.
Good luck on this one too!

Four former MLBers have 2,000 plus career walks as hitters.  Three are in the Hall of Fame.  Name the four?

I wonder how Lone Star State GOPers feel about Guv Dude this morning and his one percent showing last night.   Are they embarrassed by the ineptness of his campaign?  Are they embarrassed that he keeps running behind Cong. Ron Paul?  Do they want someone to fetch him home to avoid further humiliation?  I don’t think anyone has ever scored one percent in a primary in either party and made much of a comeback.  I don’t even think that one percent will allow Dude’s senior advisor to attend his Granite State GOP Convention.   What a pitiful performance!

Commentary looks at the bright side.  Most of Dude’s undoing is self inflicted.  The Lone Star State didn’t have to endure a barrage of insults or criticisms of our public schools, high tuition costs, and number of uninsured.  Dude did most of the damage himself.

Barry Bonds (2558), Ricky Henderson (2190), Babe Ruth (2062), and Ted Williams (2019) of course are the MLBers with 2000 plus walks.    Jeff Bagwell has 1401 career walks and ranks 28th all time in this offensive category.

The ‘Stros’ clubhouse manager retired yesterday and that’s all I have from The Yard.



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