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We still don’t have any congressional or legislative maps.

We don’t have a clear election day but we’re still getting candidate questionnaires to fill out.

We don’t know who is running for what but we’re still attending candidate screenings.

We can’t file for office and we don’t have a filing deadline.

We might have a state convention before we have our precinct conventions.

Some that have push cards can’t put a date on them.

What a mess!

Reds great Barry Larkin is headed to the MLB Hall of Fame.  In 1995, Larkin was named NL MVP.  Who was the NL MVP runner-up that year?  (If you get this, you really know your stuff.)

Commentary is not a happy camper this morning knowing that HISD Trustee Anna Eastman is not going to be Board President and you shouldn’t be happy either.   Check out Chron.com about this.  I’m not happy with some folks that obviously feel threatened by Anna’s leadership including some Downtown folks.  Some folks are threatened by the fact that Anna isn’t about business as usual over there. Folks, particularly Dems, need to start paying more attention to what is going on at HISD.  We all would be better served if Anna Eastman was Board President. 

In 1995, Barry Larkin batted .319 with 158 base hits to win the NL MVP.  Dante Bichette of course of the Rockies was the MVP runner up after he batted .340 with 40 dingers and 128 RBIs.

Jeff Bagwell didn’t get a Hall of Fame call yesterday – drats!

Congrats to Alyson’s Footnotes!  From the ‘Stros website:

Alyson’s Footnotes, the popular blog by Alyson Footer featured on www.astros.com, placed third in MLB.com’s blog rankings for 2011 in the PRO 100 division.

MLB.com’s Hot Stove Blog finished first in the PRO 100 division, ahead of Better Off Red, which is found on the Cincinnati Reds website. The list consists of the top 100 blogs in the MLB.com network, based on the amount of hits, not including fan blogs or those posted by MLB.com beat writers.

Footer, who is the Astros Senior Director of Social Media, provides a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective on Astros topics with her blog, including on-field and off-the-field features, stories and photos.

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