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Burkablog pretty much sums up Guv Dude’s current plight. 
Check it out here.

Same goes for the insiders at Texas Tribune here.

I just don’t know what Dude is trying to pull.  He’s not even going to make it into double digits tomorrow or next week.  Maybe it hasn’t sunk in that he’s being punked by Mitt Romney or maybe he can’t accept it. 

You know it is bad when the media reported last week that some fella from H-Town flew on his own dime to New Hampshire to volunteer for Dude and found out that Dude didn’t have an operation in the state.  Heck, isn’t that the state where his senior consultant lives and Toomey has a vacation pad?  What an embarrassment!

Though Dude may be inept on the national scene, Romney reminds me of a slick con artist.  If they ever decide to remake the classic “The Sting”, Romney could easily fit in as one of Henry Gondorff’s players.  Every time I see Romney, I hear Scott Joplin tunes in the background.

Jeff Bagwell had 449 career dingers.  What were the most dingers Baggy ever had in a season?

The Texans did A-OK in the playoffs.  They should be the lead national media story in the NFL this week but instead that honor goes to Tebow as it should.  Heck, even Lady Gaga is rooting, err praying for Tebow.  Some local fans are a bit perturbed that the Texans’ defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is interviewing this Friday for another gig.   I don’t have a problem with that as long as we don’t have a defensive meltdown this Sunday.

The place to be Friday night was Mini Timmaraju’s going away party Downtown.  The A-List was there for sure.

The place to be Saturday night was out at Ellington Field at my pal Bill King’s 60th BD celebration at his airport hangar.  The A-List was also there.

Where were you?

In 2000, Baggy had 47 dingers of course.  Baggy will find out today if he makes it in to the MLB Hall of Fame.  That would be nice news from The Yard. 



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