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The HISD superintendent is fixing to get a $68,000 pay raise.  According to the Chron, he met certain criteria.  From the Chron:

The (HISD School) board rated (Terry) Grier, in part, on 74 academic measures, such as student test scores and the district’s graduation rate. Grier met 41 of those measures and showed progress on 17.

If they would have rated him on overseeing contracts and vendor purchases and the shady ethics practices that those departments lack, he probably would have owed us around 90% of his current paycheck. 
Check out the Chron piece here.

Here is the latest from the Chron on the December jobs report.  It is progress.

The streets of Houston will be a lot quieter in the afternoon tomorrow as most folks will be tuned in to the Texans. 

I goofed yesterday.  Here is what I put out:

Over the past ten MLB seasons, which Division has produced the most Cy Young Award  winners?

The NL Central of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are The Rocket (2004), Chris Carpenter (2005), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

That was a mistake.  Here is the correct answer:

The NL West of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are Randy Johnson (2002), Eric Gagne (2003), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

In a few days, Jeff Bagwell will know if he makes it into the Hall of Fame this year.  Baggy ranks in the top 45 all time in three major career batting categories.  Name the three categories?

My pal Bill King put out New Year’s resolutions yesterday.  Here are some:

Congress: Stop demagoguing the immigration issue and come up with a real solution.

State of Texas: Simplify and fix public education funding.

Houston drivers: Treat every other car like your mother is driving it.

Occupy Houston: Pay for your electricity and stop that chanting. You sound like idiots.

Tea party: Try coming up with some solutions to our country’s problems instead of just saying "no" to everything.

Houston’s law enforcement unions: The next time you think about saying that trace drug cases should be prosecuted because those people will probably commit a crime in the future, hire a public relations firm to help refine your message and/or read the U.S. Constitution, preferably the latter.

Republican presidential candidates: Stop debating, please.

President Obama: Stop giggling every time there is a Republican presidential debate.

Fox News and MSNBC: Resolve to become actual news organizations instead of public relations organs of the Republican and Democratic parties.

American Public: Stop watching Fox and MSNBC if they don’t.

See Bill’s entire piece here.

Jeff Bagwell ranks 32nd all time in slugging percentage, 35th in the dinger category, and 45th in RBIs of course, so he deserves a place in the MLB Hall of Fame. 

Here is what B-G-O said about the new ownership:

"We’re in a new chapter for Houston Astros baseball, and I’m excited about the direction we’re going.”

We will see.


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