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The only folks that are happy that Guv Dude stayed in the race are staffers and consultants that want to keep getting paid, Mitt Romney, and writers for late night talk shows.  The reaction from most folks was – huh!

I was watching the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday and CM Mike Sullivan publicly called out Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother over an appointment or something like that.  What’s up with that?

Evergoner didn’t get any jail time yesterday.  Who cares anyway?

Over the past ten MLB seasons, which Division has produced the most Cy Young Award  winners?

The hard copy of the Chron is sporting a makeover of sorts this morning.  The Chron says it is a “cleaner design to make the newspaper easier to navigate.”  The photos are bigger and the paper has “typefaces that give us a modern, more open look.”

Here is a Chron article on vendor and purchasing problems at HISD.

Here is one from Texas Watchdog on ethics, err lack of at HISD.

It is kind of a sad commentary that folks get away with a lot of unethical behavior over there at HISD and very few say anything about it.  We might as well tell Texas Watchdog and the Chron to stop putting the spotlight on the bad apples because folks are not going to do anything about it.  Oh well!

Chris Moran of the Chron had this from H-Town Inaugural Day:

Councilman Andrew Burks (At-Large 2) said during remarks at the Council meeting that the song “Never Give Up,” performed at the inaugural ceremony by Grammy Award winner Yolanda Adams, was particularly poignant for him. He was elected to Council last month on his 13th run for public office.

The NL Central of course has produced 7 Cy Young Award winners the past ten seasons.  They are The Rocket (2004), Chris Carpenter (2005), Brandon Webb (2006), Jake Peavy (2007), Tim Lincecum (2008, 2009), and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

Nothing from The Yard but in the NL Central the Cubbies traded away pitcher Carlos Zambrano.  Z was acting stupid and calling out his players.   He wore out his welcome. 



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