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Commentary will head out to the Hobby Center this morning to check out the inaugural ceremony.   We will have a 17 member City Council starting today.

The new seven faces (Helena Brown, Andrew Burks, Ellen Cohen, Jack Christie, Jerry Davis, Mike Laster, and Larry Green) now get their turn to serve.  Good luck to every one of them.  Let’s see who emerges as the leader or leaders of the bunch.

CMs Adams and Sullivan will be serving at City Hall and running for another elected position for the next three months.

CMs Ed Gonzalez and Stephen Costello will be pretty much serve as The Mayor’s closest allies, one serving as Mayor Pro Tem and the other as Budget Chair. 

Look for CM C.L. Bradford to be the most vocal and articulate when it comes to opposing some of The Mayor’s policies or agenda items.

Look for CM Melissa Noriega to be the voice of wisdom and reason during council debates.   She probably learned a little something this past election cycle.

Look for CM James Rodriguez to continue to look after the interest of Latinos citywide and of the Downtown entertainment community when the City bureaucrats want to impose onerous regulations or new parking meter rate increases.  James will continue to demonstrate his independence.  James will also do his best work behind the scenes at City Hall.  He will be tough to run over.

Good luck to all members of City Council!

The ‘Stros will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary this season.   The Mets will also be celebrating their 50th Anniversary this season.  We all know that the ‘Stros played their first three seasons at Colt Stadium when they were called the Colt 45s.  Where did the Mets play in their first two seasons?

Lone Star State Dems may get a consolation prize of sorts tonight when Guv Dude has to go on the tube and explain his showing in the Iowa GOP Prez Caucuses.  If Dude does poorly we get to watch him try to spin things, err grovel.  Of course, if Dude exceeds expectations, it would not be the first time folks underestimated him.  I’ll be watching tonight.

Newt didn’t do his campaign any good yesterday when he said he would probably not win in Iowa – just what his volunteers wanted to hear!  Sometimes he is just too smart for his own good.

The Mets played their first two seasons at the Polo Grounds of course before moving into Shea Stadium in 1964.

Maybe with folks returning to The Yard today we will get a report or two.



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