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Let me ‘splain something I said last Friday:

We will see by the end of next year a name or two or three pop up as possible challengers to The Mayor in 2013.

I like this Mayor.  I think she’s had to deal with a lot of stuff like Rebuild Houston and the red light cameras and budget cuts.  I think this last election the voters were pi__ed off at most incumbents across the country.  H-Town isn’t immune to voter anger and frustration. 

It didn’t help that this past election we had a miserable turnout and around close to 15% of the voters were not regular city election voters.

The Mayor’s detractors (I’m certainly not one of them) will be talking smack all year long.  The usual suspects, err possible candidates will get their mentions.  We all know how it is.

I’m not encouraging it but you know it will happen.

MariGirl and I went to drop off the Christmas tree at Memorial Park Friday for recycling.  The park looks like it got a real bad haircut with all those trees that have come down and those dead ones that are still up.

In the past ten MLB seasons, the AL has five Serious Champions and the NL five.  Every Division has produced at least one Serious Champion.  Name the MLB Divisions that have multiple Serious Champions during the past ten seasons.

I don’t have a problem with Coach Kubiak going for two at the end of the game yesterday.  All we lost was the game.  We were already down to our fourth string quarterback.  If we would have gone to overtime and a key player got hurt in the process, then what?

The Texans host the Bengals this Saturday at 3:30 pm. 

We’re just learning that last November some fella tried to make a purchase with a million dollar bill and they arrested him.  I don’t why they arrested him since most folks know that million dollar bills are not in circulation.  They just should have told the fella to get lost and escort him out of the store.  I wonder whose mug was on the note. 

Here is a Chron preview today of the Harris County DA’s race in the GOP Primary.   This one ought to be fun to watch.

Newt is complaining about getting Romney-boated.  Shut up!  Don’t shed any tears for this fella.  After all, his use of slash and burn politics back in 1994 left permanent scars.

The AL East (3), NL Central (2), and the NL East (2) of course are the only MLB divisions with multiple Serious Champions. 

Nothing to report from The Yard this morning.


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