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This will be the final uneventful Commentary of 2011.  I’ll be back on Monday.

We will start off the New Year next week still not knowing the final legislative and congressional lines here in the Lone Star State.

We will have a 17 person H-Town City Council with the addition of J and K.

We will also have 7 new members of City Council.  (Maybe one of them will ask the Mayor or City Attorney if the much ballyhooed bandit sign patrol that was announced before the election netted any culprits or fines since Little Dick still has some signs out there.)

We can expect City Council meetings to last a little longer since two more members will want to have their say during pop-off and will want to ask questions on agenda items and to speakers.

Born with name of Sanford Braun, this Hall of Fame great changed his last name and had a remarkable 12-year career in the MLB.  Who am I talking about?

We will know Sunday evening who the Texans will face next weekend in the playoffs.

We still don’t know who will be our Opening Day starter when we face the Rockies at The Yard on April 6.

We will get to see if H-Town CMs Mike Sullivan and Wanda Adams fill out their terms.

We will see by the end of next year a name or two or three pop up as possible challengers to The H-Town Mayor in 2013.

We will know by next Tuesday night who will be the first casualties of the Iowa GOP Caucuses.

We will get to decide who is the fairest of them all when two different Snow White flicks are released – one starring Julia Roberts and one with Charlize Theron, both as the Evil Queen.

We will find out if former Commissioner Evergoner will serve time.

We will find out if Jeff Bagwell makes it to the Hall of Fame.

Sandy Koufax of course used to be Sanford Braun.  Sandy Koufax is celebrating his 76th BD today!

We will find out who The President will face.

We will find out if George Clooney gets to take home the Oscar for his great performance in “The Descendants”.

We will get one more year of National League play.

We will get to see if we make it to 12/13/12.

We will get to see if Iraq can make it without U.S. troops.

We will get to see if U.S. House Speaker Boehner can get his Tea Baggers under control.

We will get to see the new ‘Stros owners in action and that’s all I have from The Yard!

Happy New Year and be safe out there tomorrow evening!


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