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I found this Latino vote article in the SA Express News today.  Check it out.

Here is a piece:

Although Latinos strongly disapprove of President Barack Obama‘s immigration policies, which have brought high numbers of deportations, they would favor him by wide margins over a Republican candidate in the presidential race, according to a poll released Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.

Yet if the election were held now, the poll suggests, Obama would win a matchup with Mitt Romney: 68 percent of Latino voters said they favor Obama; only 23 percent favored the former Massachusetts governor.


But it finds that Latinos overwhelmingly, by 91 percent, support legislation known as the DREAM Act that would give legal status to illegal immigrants who are in college. And 84 percent of Latinos said those students should be allowed to pay state resident tuition rates at public colleges.

Romney has opposed both policies.


“As the election draws near and Latino voters become more informed about the devastating effect the president’s policies are having on their community, they will increasingly look more seriously at the Republican candidate,” said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, a Republican group.

Dream on Aguilar.  As long as your GOP embraces hateful Tea Bagger policies, we’re voting the Dem ticket.   Of course, the Dem Party gets it in places like Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.  Here in the Lone Star State and in the Houston area, Dem Party leaders haven’t figured out that engaging the Latino vote is the way to build a winning Dem Party.

Name the MLB team that was the first to draw over 2 million fans in a season?

Yesterday I gave a mention to Rick Santorum.  Later in the day a new Iowa poll was released showing Santorum surging into third place.  What do I know?

Here is the Chron piece on longtime Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia deciding not to run for reelection.

Sports 610 is taking Jim Rome off of the air – bummer!  No more Brad in Corona, Steve Carbone, Iafrate, NoCal, SoCal, epic takes, Jeff in Richmond, Jay Mohr,  Trapper, H-Town, The ATL, Bugaha, the basement, Chowderheads, Crapchester, fishwrap, Mike in Wichita, J-Stew, Silk in Huntington Beach, C-Town, huge call of the day, and smack-offs.  Check out the Chron piece on Romie here.

So long clones!  Good night now!

The Yankees of course were the first to hit the 2 million mark with 2,265,512 going to old Yankee Stadium in 1946, the year after the end of WWII.

It turns out that Cheetah the Chimp story was a hoax.  Experts are saying there is no way Cheetah lasted 80 years.  Oh well.

Once again nothing from The Yard.


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