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In case local Dems haven’t noticed, longtime Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia is no longer on the Dem primary ballot.  Oh well!

During the Academy Awards they have a segment where they show the folks from movies that have died the past year.  Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Falk, and director Sidney Lumet will be among those that will be featured next February.  Cheetah the Chimp of the 1930s Tarzan movies passed this past Christmas Eve at age 80.  If you ask me, I think Cheetah ought to get a mention during the memorial segment of the upcoming Academy Awards.

Name the MLBer who hit the most doubles this past season?

Comedian Bill Maher had some fun at Tim Tebow’s expense after the Bills manhandled Tebow and the Broncos on Christmas Eve.  Commentary has said before that I don’t have a problem with Tebow, or Tebowing, or GB2, or praising the man up above after every touchdown.  I also don’t have a problem with Maher and his First Amendment right.

Speaking of the Academy Awards, some North Korean watchers are now saying that all that hysterical crying over the loss of their leader is a fake job.  I sure hope so or else that country needs a whole lot of therapy.

Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers of course hit 48 doubles this past season to lead the MLB.

You have to hand it Rick Santorum and his low expectation strategy.  He told CNN yesterday that he will consider it a victory if he finishes ahead of Guv Dude and Congresswoman Bachman next week in Iowa – huh!

Nothing from The Yard today – sorry!



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