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From the Who Gives a Rat’s Arse Department:  Guv Dude missed getting on the ballot of the March 6 GOP primary in Virginia.  Does it really matter?  Dude will probably be out of the race by the end of the South Carolina primary on January 21. 

You know Dude’s days are numbered on the campaign trail when folks are already asking:   Will he run for reelection in 2014?  What would he do if he’s not Governor?  Will he be a weaker Governor when he returns?  Will he be much of a factor during the 2013 legislative session?

Who led the MLB in hitting the most triples this past season?

14 is the number of nativity scenes that we counted at my Mom’s on Christmas Day including one in the front yard and one in a snow globe.  That’s 42 wise men if you’re counting.

The streak was kept alive on Christmas Day as My Best Friend and Julie gave me a set of The Beatles glasses.  MariGirl also gave me a Constitution tie – cool.

I checked out “The Descendants” with George Clooney yesterday.  Clooney nailed it.  There is no justice if Clooney doesn’t take home the Oscar this year.  It is a very good movie so go check it out!

Speaking of Hawaii, new Fish Jose Reyes and Shane “The Flying Hawaiian” Victorino of course each had 16 triples to lead the MLB this past season.  Reyes played in only 126 games and The Flying Hawaiian in only 132 games.

We got an email from The Yard this past weekend inviting us to a meeting with the new owner next month. 


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