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Commentary is a big fan of CNN’s Congressional correspondent Dana Bash.  She’s back from maternity leave.  Yesterday she was the first to report that GOP House Speaker John Boehner reversed course on the payroll tax issue.  Bash used words like “caved” and “relented” to describe the GOP setback in D.C.  Bash definitely set the tone for just about every other national media outlet to claim that Boehner and his team flamed out big time.  It is so bad for the GOP that they couldn’t even try to spin this defeat.

Here is what Boehner said about his position before he “caved”:  “may have not been politically the smartest thing in the world.”

Here is what GOP Woodlands Rep. Kevin Brady said:  In the end House Republicans felt like they were reenacting the Alamo, with no reinforcements and our friends shooting at us."

They left the Tea Baggers out on the limb with this one, tsk, tsk, tsk.

This Tea Bagger policy and position was deservedly rejected and tossed in the trash bin.

They gave The President and the rest of us Dems a nice little stocking stuffer.

They handed themselves a nice lump of coal for their stockings.

They blinked big time.

They put a big time hurt on Speaker Boehner’s ability to lead.

The GOP “caved” and “relented” and looked just plain old stupid and out of touch.

They got outsmarted by The President and Dem Senate leaders.

They were humiliated.

They made our Christmas a bit merrier.

Keep hope alive!

If you get this one – well what can I say?  This MLBer led this past season in number of times striking out at the plate – 205.  He only batted .243 this past season and had a measly 15 dingers.  Hint:  He plays in the NL Central and he was born in Texarkana, Texas and played at UT.

To all the local Texans fans that have an upset hangover this morning – try some greasy breakfast tacos at La Mexicana because I don’t think Spanish Flower sells menudo on Fridays.  That sure was painful last night – drats!

Drew Stubbs of the Reds course has the dubious honor of leading the bigs in whiffs with 205 in 2011.

Former ‘Stro Carlos Beltran signed with San Luis yesterday and all I can tell you about The Yard is that they have a nice tree ornament for sale at the Team Store.

Commentary is going to take a few days off for Christmas, a flick or two, family, friends, last minute shopping, good grub, and spreading good cheer.  I’ll see you next Tuesday.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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