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It is always good to know that Commentary is read at the H-Town City Hall.  City Council decided yesterday to postpone the vote on strapping on more fees and regulations on auto repair businesses. Check out the Chron story here.

City Council decided it wasn’t worth it to p__s off more folks. 

Here is from yesterday’s Chron before the vote on adopting the ordinance:

"We think the votes are there and so we’re moving forward," said Janice Evans, (Mayor Annise) Parker’s spokeswoman.

They didn’t have the votes.  If they had eight or more votes the measure would have been adopted. 

They also didn’t have community support.  They got a classic push-back from auto repair business owners.  It appears that this measure was driven by a few at City Hall and there wasn’t any buy-in from the community.  The only folks that spoke in favor were insurance representatives.   The majority of City Council recognized that this wasn’t good public policy and refused to support the measure.

This was grass roots politics at work that did actually work.  This wasn’t a powerful interest group that bought its way at City Hall.  These were small business owners from throughout the city that saw their efforts pay off.  I don’t have a problem with that.

Everybody knows that The Rocket has the most Cy Young Awards – 7 – and Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson has 5.  Name the two former pitching greats that are tied at #3 with four Cy Young Awards each?

Congrats go to new Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis.! Good luck!

It was that kind of year at City Hall.  It didn’t exactly end on the best technical note.  Council Members got to say their final goodbyes at the end of the year end Council meeting and then the audio and visual bugs took over.  You got to hear their speeches on the tube but the camera shots were from a distance then they had to sit in the Mayor’s chair because hers was the only live microphone – oh well!

Hall of Fame great Steve Carlton of and soon to be Hall of Fame great Greg Maddux of course have each won the Cy Young Award four times.  Lefty is celebrating 67th BD today.

Alyson Footnote has some nice holiday greeting photos of ‘Stros from today and yesterday wishing us Happy Holidays.  Check some of your favorite ‘Stros here.


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