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Survey, survey, on the wall , who is the fairest of them all? 

Folks have been asking me about the candidate filing surprises that I have been kind of mentioning and predicting lately.  Well, we can look no further than Senate District 6.  Remember earlier this year when my pal Robert Miller and one of the Capitol Insiders said that there would be a rumble in SD 6?  Some folks tried to put out the fire then but I said to stay tuned!  Well somebody is paying to conduct a poll or phone survey on the race and head-to-head matchup questions between certain Latino/Latina leaders are being asked.    Some folks have asked Commentary over the past few days if I have a hand in this and my answer is no. I have to admit that I have had a number of conversations in recent months and weeks about SD 6 and certain possibilities.  That’s healthy for our politics if you ask me.

A lot of SD 6 folks and observers are ratcheting up the dialogue and are pretty certain that something is going to happen like a candidate or candidates will emerge, alliances will be broken, alliances will be formed, deals will be cut, and/or knives will strategically end up in the backs of certain players.  It has gotten serious.  Why else would you pay for a poll/survey a couple of weeks before the filing deadline?  Let the phone calls begin!

Some folks aren’t too happy how this HD 134 filing is playing out.  Some folks didn’t like that Annie’s List made the pick.    A respected consultant/player informed me yesterday that the Annie’s List candidate Ann Johnson had only voted in one Dem Primary in the past few elections.  Somebody shot me an email yesterday saying she had actually voted in a GOP Primary.  I like Annie’s List but they aren’t the deciders in the revised HD 134.  Their involvement doesn’t make it a slam dunk.  We don’t have a strong candidate like Ellen Cohen to run even though quite a few folks that Commentary trust think HISD Trustee Anna Eastman would have been the strongest candidate but she has signaled that she is staying put at HISD for now. 

If folks have a candidate, run them out.  I’ve never heard of Ann Johnson so it is kind of ludicrous to think that just because Annie’s List is for her, she’s the frontrunner.  Show me the other candidates!

Name the two MLB teams that played in the first ever telecast baseball game?

It looks like Dem Sheriff Adrian Garcia got him another Dem opponent.  Some fella named Charles Massey El is running who is no relation to El Franco Lee…awww!!

The Jeffery Freeman fella that filed to run to replace Harris County Precinct 2 Constable Gary Freeman listed as his place of residence a very tiny office building next to a used car lot.  I don’t think he lives there.  Now that’s a no-no.  The fella could get in trouble for that.  The fella also appears to have never voted.  Tsk, tsk, tsk!

You know Guv Dude is circling the toilet drain when nobody gives a rat’s arse about whether he will attend the Trump moderated debate.

Commentary got a “Draft Keryl Douglas for HCDP Chair” email early this morning and Commentary was mentioned in the email.   Here is what they included:

Our friend Marc Campos has been a voice in the wilderness when it comes to getting the party to understand that the more it takes for granted its base of voters, the more likely Democrats keep getting their behinds handed to them.

I think I have said stuff like that in the past but I don’t know Keryl Douglas and I am a strong supporter of Lane Lewis for Dem Party Chair!

After 6 days of Early Voting, Mendenhall took the lead over West Gray by 21 voters – 1,479 to 1,458, with Fiesta (941), Palm Center (862), and Bayland (808) rounding out the Top 5 list.

Today is the last day of early voting and Commentary and a few of his former crew will cast our votes at noon.

I got a robo call from Noel Freeman of the Houston GLBT PAC yesterday asking that I go vote for Thibaut and CM Jones. 

On August 26, 1939, broadcaster Red Barber called the first ever MLB telecast between the Dodgers and Reds of course from Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

If you are old school like Commentary then you got to read Lisa Falkenberg’s column this morning about the Visionary that taped a conversation at a lunch attended by Anna Eastman.  What’s up with that?

There is nothing to report from The Yard today.


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