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The Chron has a piece today on CM Jolanda Jones and challenger Jack Christie. 
Check it out here.

The Harris County DA drew a GOP Primary challenger.  His name is Mike Anderson and he is a former district judge.

Meanwhile, in the Harris County Dem Party Primary, it looks like the Sheriff has an opponent – Delores Jones.  Who is Delores Jones?  Oh, well!

Meanwhile, if you are old school like Commentary you got to check out today’s Chron column by Lisa Falkenberg on the backlog of warrants in the Sheriff’s Office.  It will be a hot issue for sure in next year’s election.  Stay tuned!

The first day of Early Voting produced an interesting tidbit.  West Gray didn’t lead the pack in turnout.  Instead the honor went to Mendenhall Sosa Community Center out in City Council District A. 

There also appears to be activity in District B locations.  It looks like the At-Large races are working their bases.  It also looks like the At-Large races are ignoring the Latino boxes.  What else is new?

Which pitcher won World Serious games in three different decades?

The Across the Track PAC came out with their endorsements yesterday and they didn’t endorse in At-Large 2.  What’s up with that?  Maybe they don’t like Andrew doing the cheek-to-cheek with the GOPers. 

I got a cool gift from my pal Drayton yesterday.  It is called Hard-To-Find 60’s Candy and it is a box that contains candy cigarettes, Sugar Babies, Boston Baked Beans, NECCO Wafers, Charms, Pixy Stix, Cigar Bubble Gum, Mallow Cup, Sky Bar, Turkish Taffy, Clark Bar, Razzles, Mike and Ike, Clark’s Teaberry Gum and some Mik-L-Nip.  Now that’s cool!

Commentary got a mailer from CM Jolanda Jones and she didn’t slam her opponent.

Hall of Fame great Jim Palmer of course won World Serious games for B’More in 1966 (LA), 1970 (Reds), 1971 (Pirates), and 1983(Phillies). 

The MLB Class of 2012 Hall of Fame ballots were mailed out and Jeff Bagwell is on the ballot.  The inductees will be announced on January 9.  Keep your fingers crossed for Baggy!



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