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According to the Kyle Johnston 2011 Early Vote Report, the Dem/GOP/Independent numbers pretty much stayed the same as compared to the 2009 Early Vote (57%/31%/12%).  What I found interesting about the Kyle Johnston Early Vote report is 15% of the voters hadn’t participated in any of the last three city elections this go around as compared to 1% in 2009.  I would venture to guess that this might have been the Anti Prop 1 folks.

I ran into a respected player the other day and he cracked about the low Latino voter turnout in City Council District J last Tuesday here in H-Town.  My reply was I don’t think anyone can be proud of the total turnout last week in H-Town.  City of H-Town voters in Harris County came out at an anemic 13.14%.  This compares to 19.12% turnout a couple of years ago when we had four major mayoral candidates running.  That’s not too good either. 

Here are last Tuesday’s turnout rates in Harris County by City Council district:

12.87% in A, 10.6% in B, 18.28% in C, 13.19% in D, 12.17% in E, 8.47% in F, 16.15% in G, 10.36% in H, 11.62% in I, 10.32% in J, and 14.47% in K. 

According to the Kyle Johnston Early Vote Report, the Latino vote was 12% of the total early vote of H-Town voters in Harris County.  In 2009, the Latino vote accounted for 9% of the total early vote.  I guess you could say that Latinos improved from two years ago.  Or you could say that Latinos stayed the same and all other voting groups had a decrease.  Regardless, turnout out here in H-Town for city elections is a serious embarrassment that needs to be addressed. 

City services are pretty important to folks.  Police, fire, trash pick-up, street improvements, and water to take a bath in are basic.  We need to figure out a way to get more folks to participate in City elections. 

Some of us are involved in an effort to engage the Latino vote in the Greater H-Town area and you are all welcome to participate and drop by a reception this Wednesday evening (November 16 at the Crowne Plaza Downtown, 1700 Smith) to learn about “The Decisive Latino Force 2012” that Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez and Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) are heading up. 

CM Rodriguez has invited SVREP to partner with the Latino community based on their track record of increasing Latino voter participation.  It is our intention of helping to identify and recruit sponsors to assist in providing resources for the effort.  Latino and non-Latino concerned and interested leaders and activists are invited to participate Wednesday evening at no cost (well maybe parking and/or valet).  Come by and learn about what we are trying to accomplish.

For more information call us at 713-861-2244 or email marc@camposcommunications.com or marisol@camposcommunications.com.

Name the MLB Hall of Fame great that won batting titles at the age of 39 and 40? 

Commentary watched the GOPers debate Saturday night.  A few of them wanted to bomb Iran – yikes!  Guv Dude didn’t mess up so I guess he’s still hanging on.

Hall of Fame great Ted Williams of course won batting titles in 1957 (.388) and 1958 (.328).

Commentary is not happy that the ‘Stros will now play in the AL and have to use the DH but I guess I’ll have to get used to it – drats!  I guess the silver lining in the deal is that we get to see the Yankees and Red Sox here at The Yard every season and we get to go to Yankee Stadium and Fenway every year.   I probably would want to go check out the Twins for a series up at Target Field or go back to SEA-TAC to check out the Mariners at Safeco.  Oh well!  It looks like there is just one season left of NL ball at The Yard!


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One of the best in the business is retiring for now.  Today is the last day at the Chron’s E-Board for my friend Tim Fleck.  That’s going to leave a huge hole over at the E-Board.  You don’t replace a guy like Tim. 

I’ve known Tim for over 30 years now and I have always found him to be fair and thorough.   He’s taken some shots at Commentary in years past and I probably deserved some of them. 

I really appreciated his work as the “Insider”.  He kept most folks on their toes so to speak.   He never was afraid to ask the tough questions.  If some news outlet ever decides to resurrect an “Insider” it will never be on the level of Tim’s “Insider.”

After Tim left the Houston Press, the Press was never the same in my eyes.  I hope the E-Board takes don’t fall a notch or two with Tim gone.

I never got mad at Tim like some folks did because I thought his work was important and necessary here in H-Town.  Politics needs a guy like Tim that will try to keep players honest and open.

Tim may be leaving the Chron but he will still be around.  You did a great job, Tim! 

I’ll see you tonight at the Tim Fleck Retirement Celebration, Part II.

After Tim leaves, I wonder if the E-Board will continue to read Commentary.  They did yesterday because here is how they start today’s editorial: 
Please come home, Rick Perry. It’s time.   Here is the entire take.

Go here if you want to see Nick Anderson’s killer cartoon on Guv Dude that is in today’s Chron.

Only one MLBer played in all 162 regular season games this past season.  Name the MLBer?

I’m not going to say nothing about 11/11/11 because I’m more interested in 12/12/12. 

The Lone Star State government finally did something right when they decided yesterday that the south will not rise again at least for now.  They said no to the Johnny Reb license plates. 

Prince Fielder of course played in all 162 games for the Brewers.

There is still nothing to report from The Yard today.


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Dear Mr. Toomey.  I’m asking that you quit raising money for your super PAC and go fetch Guv Dude and bring him home.   He’s embarrassing you and all the others that own his arse.  He’s not ready for the big leagues.   If Commentary is starting to feel sorry for his arse, you know it’s bad.   Herman Cain is going down because of sexual harassment.  Dude is going down because he is abusing himself.  The ballgame is over for Dude in case you haven’t heard.

It is really hard to gauge the impact of the Manuel Rodriguez hate mailer. The mailer started showing up in mailboxes last Friday, the last day to vote early.  The early vote total had Rodriguez leading by 102 votes.   The Chron posted a story on the piece Saturday and it made the hard copy on Monday, the day before the election.  Channel 11 ran stories Sunday evening and Monday evening.   Univision ran a story Monday evening.  Channel 39 ran a story Monday evening.    Ramiro Fonseca then won the Election Day vote by 78 votes.

I read somewhere somebody said that half of the District III E-Day voters obviously didn’t think the mailer was a big deal because they ended up voting for Rodriguez.  That’s kind of a silly thing to say.  It is hard to say how many E-Day voters were versed on the mailer.  The story only had a life of a couple of days max on just a few media outlets.

Some folks aren’t happy with Commentary’s post election take on District J.  Too bad!  Here is today’s Chron story on the District J race.  The results tell the story.

What is Roy Oswalt’s won-loss record since he left the ‘Stros?

H-Town Dems did pretty good this past election.  Dems got elected in the new Districts J and K.  District C will now be held by a Dem.  After the run-off, At-Large 2 will still be held by a Dem.  At-Large 5 is still up for grabs.  Not bad at all!

The Tim Fleck Retirement Get Together, Part I was held last night at The Roundtable.  The usual suspects showed up including the Harris County DA and CM James Rodriguez.  It was a nice crowd for sure.  Part II will be held tomorrow evening.

A lot of folks were talking about the H-Town Mayor’s E-Day performance and what it means for the next two years.  A lot of other folks were asking CM Rodriguez about his next moves. 

That sorry arse Manuel Rodriguez is now apologizing.  What a slime bucket. 

Roy O. went 7-1 in 2010 after he was traded and 9-10 this season for a 16-11 post ‘Stros record of course.

There is no news from The Yard today!


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Commentary is really not surprised at the H-Town Mayor’s 50.8% showing last night.  It has been that kind of year.  Folks will now start talking about taking her on in 2013.  Let the names begin!

Commentary is really bummed about that sorry arse Manuel Rodriguez winning by 24 votes.  I’m thinking that he fed off of the H-Town CM James Rodriguez name out there.  It is a real shame that a hate monger will be on the HISD Board of Education for the next four years.  Every elected Latino and Latina elected official and leader ought to turn their back on that sorry arsehole Manuel Rodriguez and ask him to resign.    The Latino community is a loser this morning.

Commentary is not happy with the fact that H-Town CM Ed Gonzalez and a few other Latino and Latina leaders endorsed Criselda Romero in District J and not check with others before doing so. H-Town CM James Rodriguez who led the Latino redistricting effort on City Council was hoping for a vetting process to get a strong Latino candidate.  CM Gonzalez and others decided to handpick a candidate who ended up being a weak candidate and we saw what happened last night.   CM Gonzalez and others didn’t do much in terms of raising money or providing resources to help their candidate.  Never again!

Commentary’s client CM James Rodriguez ran a strong campaign against a Tea Bagger candidate.  Folks were already talking to CM Rodriguez last night about the next step and move.  He also had some calls this morning.

The Big Puma thinks if any MLB National League team has to move to the American League, let it be the Brewers since they used to be an AL team.  When did the Brewers first start playing in the NL?

It is anybody’s guess who will win the H-Town City Council run-offs.  CM Jones vs Christie, Byrd vs Davis, CM Stardig vs Brown, and Burks vs Thibaut – stay tuned!

I will say that Laurie Robinson has a future in politics.  I hope she hangs in there!

The Milwaukee Brewers started playing NL ball in 1998 of course.

Today the ‘Stros are still a NL team and that’s all I have from The Yard!



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I think we will see some interesting results tonight when the votes are counted.  The voter is pretty angry and frustrated and looking to take it out on someone.  H-Town isn’t immune to what is going on out there.  Water bills, Rebuild Houston, red light cameras – oh my!  Watch out now!

Meanwhile, the sorry arse Manuel Rodriguez campaign still does not get it and is handing out that sorry arse flyer at some polling places this morning.  I guess they are going to push hate up until 7 pm this evening.

This future Hall of Fame great led the MLB in at-bats this past season with 677.  He’s never played in a World Serious though.  Who am I talking about?

Yesterday I got a Laurie Robinson mailer.

The Chron’s Chris Moran has a good take on today’s election. 
Check it out here.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Ichiro Suzuki of course of the Mariners led the MLB with 677 at bats this season in 161 games – cool!

Nothing to report from The Yard today other than The H-Town Mayor will have her party there tonight!

Go vote now!



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If Texans’ linebacker Brian Cushing was involved in political campaigns, he’d probably be in charge of knocking down the opponent’s signs.

Let me first say that HISD Trustee Manuel Rodriguez was Commentary’s client back in 2003.  I regretted it about six months after he took office.   I guess most folks know about the mail piece he dropped this past Friday. 
Check out the Chron story here.

I guess he figures he has to play the “disgusting” card in order to pull this one out.  If you have family or friends that live in District III, I hope you call them and ask them to vote for Ramiro Fonseca who happens to be Commentary’s friend and client. 

The Chron E-Board did the right thing yesterday and snatched back their endorsement of Manuel Rodriguez.  I can’t remember the last time the Chron took one back, so Manuel now takes his rightful place on the Wall of Shame.

Here is the entire Chron E-Board snatch back:

Earlier this campaign season, we endorsed Manuel Rodriguez Jr. for another term on the board of the Houston Independent School District. We now retract that endorsement in the race for HISD Position III trustee.

A last-minute campaign flier for Rodriguez displays appalling homophobia. The flier urges recipients not just to vote for Rodriguez, but to vote against his opponent, Ramiro Fonseca, because he has been endorsed by the Houston GLBT Caucus, "the South’s oldest civil rights organization dedicated solely to the advancement of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights." The flier further states that Fonseca has "spent years advocating for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender rights … not kids," and winds up with a pair of bullet points noting that he’s 54 years old with no children and has a male partner.

That’s obvious gay-bashing, of the kind that HISD rightly prohibits on the playground. It has no place on HISD’s board.

Advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights is advocating for kids. GLBT kids are among those who most need adult protection and support.

As Noel Freeman, president of the Houston GLBT Caucus notes, "GLBT youth are 12 times more likely to be bullied in schools, five times more likely to commit suicide and eight times more likely to be homeless. It is imperative that we provide a safe, welcoming environment in our schools."

With his hateful flier, Rodriguez perpetuates the kind of stereotypes that put our kids in danger. And he implies that all right-thinking people agree with him – an insult to his constituents, and precisely the kind of blithe, old-school homophobia that makes school hallways so treacherous.

Members of the school board are supposed to be role models, not bullies. They’re supposed to support civil rights, not fight against them. They’re supposed to fight hate speech, not commit it.

It’s important to stand up to bullying, intolerant behavior, whether on the playground or at the ballot box.

Way to go Noel Freeman and the Houston GLBT PAC and the Young Stonewall Dems, and the Meyerland Dems for putting some pressure on the Chron E-Board!

Name the MLB hitter that drew the most walks this past regular season? 

This is what CEWDEM put out yesterday:

According to official reports from the Harris County Clerk’s office, Latinos have comprised 12% of the total in person absentee and mail in ballots cast.  Districts H, I and J are the three lowest turnout districts as far as percentage of the city turnout is concerned with District H turning out 5% of the city total; District I 6% of the city total and District J 4% of the city total.  Remember that the district totals also include votes cast by other ethnic groups.

This is what Commentary said after the Early Voting period two years ago when the major campaigns for mayor neglected to engage the Latino vote:

The Kyle Johnston Early Vote Report says Latinos only make up 9% of the vote so far…tsk, tsk, tsk.”  Daily Commentary, November 2, 2009

If Latinos are now up to 12% of the total vote, that’s progress.

Friday was the last day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 12 in 2009.

West Gray (7262 in 2009/ 5159 in 2011)

Moody Park (1517 in 2009/ 908 in 2011)

Acres Homes (2239 in 2009/ 1475 in 2011)

Ripley (696 in 2009/887 in 2011)

HCCS (970 in 2009/ 1112 in 2011)

Bayland (4287 in 2009/ 3123 in 2011)

Mendenhall (5345 in 2009/ 3178 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (1680 in 2009/ 1196 in 2011)

The last thing we need right now is a war between the City of H-Town and Harris County.  Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack is still upset about the County paying their fair share of Rebuild Houston and he wants to snatch all the sales taxes that are collected at County owned Reliant Park.  Oh, brother!  Check out the Chron story from this past Saturday.  Hunker Down is disappointing me on this one.  He needs to show a little leadership and respect what the voters decided last year.   I’ll say it again.  They all had an opportunity last year to participate in the Prop 1 debate.

Yesterday, the Chron E-Board told Harris County to stop whining and pay its fair share of Rebuild Houston over at Reliant Park. 
Check out the E-Board’s take here.

Saturday I received an Amy Price for At-Large 4 robo call.

Jose Bautista of course of the Jays drew 132 walks this past season.

Actor Gary Busey in doing TV ads for a local car dealership and in the ad he says he was born in Baytown, Commentary’s and Mayor Bob’s hometown.  I checked it out and here’s what I found on Wikipedia:

(Gary) Busey was born in Goose Creek (now Baytown), Texas, the son of Sadie Virginia (née Arnett), a homemaker, and Delmer Lloyd Busey, a construction design manager.   He graduated from Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1962.

I didn’t know that!  Move over Mayor Bob and Commentary!

There is nothing again from The Yard today.


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Cr_p spewed out of the piehole of GOP State Rep. Larry Taylor of Friendswood and it only made page two of the Chron’s City and State Section.  Hey, the dumbarse is the Chair of the House GOP Caucus and he only gets page two.   He said it at the State Capitol and he only gets page two.  He’s running for state senator and he only gets page two.   He’s the Co-Chair of the committee that met yesterday and he only gets page 2.  Oh, well!

Yesterday I got a Jolanda Jones mailer.

Yesterday I also got a Houston Police Officers Union mailer for The Mayor, CMs Bradford, Costello, and Noriega, and Ellen Cohen, Laurie Robinson, and Kristi Thibaut.

Yesterday I also got a Prop 2 mailer.

I also got a letter from State Rep. Farrar for Karen Derr.

I also got a bilingual robo call from Bolivar Fraga.

I also saw an Eric Dick TV ad last night.

Here is an easy one.  Name the three African American Hall of Fame greats that have had their jerseys retired by San Luis.

Three years ago today we elected The President.

Yesterday was the eleventh day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 11 in 2009.

West Gray (5697 in 2009/ 4217 in 2011)

Moody Park (1165 in 2009/ 708 in 2011)

Acres Homes (1661 in 2009/ 1133 in 2011)

Ripley (514 in 2009/658 in 2011)

HCCS (718 in 2009/ 850 in 2011)

Bayland (3337 in 2009/ 2476 in 2011)

Mendenhall (4127 in 2009/ 2518 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (1189 in 2009/ 903 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 11. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

Hall of Fame greats Ozzie Smith (1), Lou Brock (20), and Bob Gibson (45) of course have had their jerseys retired by San Luis.

Have you voted early yet?

Other than the ‘Stros picking up a .187 hitter yesterday, there isn’t much going on at The Yard! 


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The Herman Cain camp is blaming the Guv Dude camp for their woes.  Hold on a second.  Dude’s camp hasn’t demonstrated that they could come up with something like this.  That’s too good of a move for the Dude folks.  At best they would have had to stumble on to something or it would have had to fallen from the sky into their laps.

I received an Ellen Cohen mailer yesterday with a quote from HISD Trustee Anna Eastman.  Good move.  FYI:  Trustee Eastman is Commentary’s client.

I received a Jack Christie mailer yesterday with a bunch of GOP leaders endorsing him.  Two Dems were also on the piece – the former H-Town Mayor and former CM Peter Brown.  

Name the Yankee who has had the best season batting average?

Yesterday was the tenth day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 10 in 2009.

West Gray (4887 in 2009/ 3680 in 2011)

Moody Park (1015 in 2009/ 625 in 2011)

Acres Homes (1384 in 2009/ 926 in 2011)

Ripley (425 in 2009/ 578 in 2011)

HCCS (590 in 2009/ 722 in 2011)

Bayland (2837 in 2009/ 2087 in 2011)

Mendenhall (3449 in 2009/ 2124 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (1001 in 2009/ 762 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 10. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

What’s up with Moody Park?

I’m thinking a 15% turnout this time around but I’ll let you know Monday for sure.

The great Babe Ruth of course batted .393 for the Bronx Bombers in 1923.

Once again there is nothing from The Yard!



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Today’s SA Express News has a lengthy piece on the Mexican American Legislative Caucus’s (MALC) fundraising and expenses. Check it out.
The watch dog groups are pretty critical.  Hey, that’s what happens when you hit the big time.    It would not surprise me if an ethics complaint were filed by some group.  Stay tuned!

FYI:  Commentary before Commentary had the idea to form the MALC fundraising arm under then MALC Chair Al Luna way back in 1987 just in case you didn’t know. 

Commentary is not going to say anything about Herman Cain other than he asked for it.  Let’s see now, the Tea Baggers have cheeked-to-cheeked with Trump, Bachman, Guv Dude, and now Cain.  Can’t they settle on a dance partner?

Tony La Russa also played MLB ball in case you didn’t know it.  He only had 35 career base hits, a .199 career batting average, and 7 RBIs.  He played for three different MLB teams.  Name them?  

Yesterday was the ninth day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 9 in 2009.

West Gray (4072 in 2009/ 3227 in 2011)

Moody Park (850 in 2009/ 551 in 2011)

Acres Homes (1050 in 2009/ 788 in 2011)

Ripley (354 in 2009/ 509 in 2011)

HCCS (479 in 2009/ 612 in 2011)

Bayland (2299 in 2009/ 1759 in 2011)

Mendenhall (2754 in 2009/ 1748 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (806 in 2009/ 640 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 9. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

Moody Park could get better.

La Russa of course played for the A’s, The ATL, and the Cubbies.

There is nothing from The Yard today!


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Instead of the Toomey Super PAC running ads in Iowa, maybe they ought save their money and throw Guv Dude a lifeline.  Dude’s latest video from his speech in New Hampshire this past Friday have folks opining that Dude is on drugs, on booze, or just plain losing it.  It looks like he’s playing himself on SNL – yikes!   Toomey is Dude’s fixer-in-chief.  Maybe it is time for Toomey to bring Dude home and park his arse for the rest of the season.  Dude’s best day was his first day and it has been all downhill since then. 
Check out what burkablog is saying about Dude.

Speaking of Day of the Dead, watching Herman Cain yesterday do some ‘splaning was hilarious.  At first he was defiant but that didn’t last long.  Then he said there wasn’t a settlement then there was.  Then he threw that old witch hunt and liberal media lines.  Then he said it was all about talking about a woman’s height.  Who says size doesn’t matter – awwww!  

Just like Dude, Herman Cain looks like he too is not-ready-for-prime- time.   You have to wonder about the idolization factor of Tea Baggers. 

Yesterday I received a mailer from Bolivar Fraga for At-Large 2.

The At-Large 2 race is going to be interesting.  Who gets into a runoff is anybody’s guess. 

Commentary is looking forward to the new radio station that will be all news.  I hope it is a success. 

Who holds the record for playing the most regular season games without ever going to a World Serious?

Yesterday was the eighth day to Vote Early.  Here is a comparison after Day 8 in 2009.

West Gray (3385 in 2009/ 2736 in 2011)

Moody Park (719 in 2009/ 462 in 2011)

Acres Homes (809 in 2009/ 656 in 2011)

Ripley (304 in 2009/ 440 in 2011)

HCCS (387 in 2009/ 522 in 2011)

Bayland (1835 in 2009/ 1501 in 2011)

Mendenhall (2203 in 2009/ 1493 in 2011)

Main Office on Preston (628 in 2009/ 528 in 2011)

HCCS and now Ripley are the only ones of the eight that is seeing an increase after Day 8. 

Most of the other City Early Voting locations are seeing decreases but things are getting better.

Rafael Palmeiro of course played 2,831 games without ever playing in a World Serious.

Tony La Russa is hanging up his skipper hat.  I’m going to miss him.  He had a great run with the White Sox, the A’s, and San Luis.  I wonder if he’ll wear his shades when he goes into the Hall of Fame.

The ‘Stros are saying that since shortstop Clint Barmes is now a free agent he probably won’t be in the line-up next season and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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