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Chris Moran of the Chron had a piece yesterday on City Council District A run-off candidate Helena Brown’s take on history.   Here is what Brown said in some sort of chat room:

“… giving the need for the United Nations, whose leaders all have been communists.”

Woah!  U.N. Secretary Generals have come from the U.K., Norway, Sweden, Burma, Austria, Peru, Egypt, Ghana, and South Korea.  That’s not exactly red square material.

Here is another taste of what Helena Brown says:

Contrary to current popular opinion, General Francisco Franco of Spain was a pretty good leader, yes he was a “dictator.” He was not part of the powers that be, he fought against them and was not a friend of Hitler, in spite of the smart video footage we have of their meeting.

Oh yeah!  If he was such a good leader, how come most of the stuff that General Franco had named for himself was renamed in the years after he croaked?  The same thing goes for the statues he had erected for himself.  Only one remains.   I’m not even going to mention the tens of thousands of Spaniards General Franco had eliminated just for disagreeing with him.  Whoever heard of a dictator being a “pretty good leader” anyway?
Check out the Helena Brown takes from chron.com here.

No telling what would fall out of her piehole if she was at the City Council table.  I don’t think she could find mainstream if you spotted her the m-a-i-n-s-t-r-e-a….  I’m thinking that Brown would probably even make her fellow Tea Baggers blush.

Former Tax Assessor Collector Paul Bettencourt, and former District A CMs Helen Huey and Toni Lawrence all support Helena Brown.  I wonder if they share her views on weird world history. 

Name the MLB team that once produced 5 consecutive Rookie of the Year winners?

Commentary got this yesterday from the Say It Ain’t So Dept:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce I will be leaving Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast on January 13th to pursue a new position with our national office.

Mini Timmaraju

Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations

Planned Parenthood

We hate to see Mini leave but this looks like a great opportunity, plus she is still in the game!


At-Large 5 run-off candidate Jack Christie got one of CM Jolanda Jones’ former employees to rat on her yesterday.  What else is new?  Yawn! 
Check out the Chron story here.   This is stale stuff!

Meanwhile, a Kubosh fella endorsed CM Jones.  Check it out here.

I guess I’ll watch the debate tonight to see who stumbles this time.

The Dodgers of course produced 5 consecutive NL Rookie of the Year winners:  Eric Karros (1992), Mike Piazza (1993), Raul Mondesi (1994), Hideo Nomo (1995), and Todd Hollandsworth (1996).

My pal Drayton officially turns over the team today.


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