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CEWDEM is airing a mini debate of sorts about the State Democratic Executive Committee putting some stuff on the ballot for the March Democratic Primary and leaving some stuff off.  The DREAM Act, gambling, and college tuition made the cut.  The death penalty, marriage equality, and legalizing marijuana were left behind.  I don’t know about that.  I don’t know about you, but I’d be more proud to be a member of a political party that stood for same sex marriage than for casino gambling.  The word cowardly comes to mind if you ask me.  This is 2011, fixing to be 2012, or way past the Ice Age, or as they say – missed opportunity. 

Meanwhile, my pal Jacob Monty had this Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron cracking on the President on immigration issues.   Check it out.

I can’t find it in today’s Chron.com even though it is in the hard copy, but Federal Judge Vanessa Gilmore drew a new Harris County Commissioners map and here is what lead plaintiff CM James Rodriguez said:  “The court is taking into account that the vast majority of growth in our city is made up of Latino and African American communities.  This new map is fair representation of that growth.”

Name the former MLB great with the most career dingers without ever playing in a World Serious?

Bonus:  This MLB Hall of Fame great is 3rd in career doubles with 725, 4th in career base hits with 3,630, and 5th in career RBIs with 1,951.  Who am I talking about?

H-Town is starting to ratchet up the football fever with the Texans holding a two game lead in the AFC South with six games to go and the Coogs needing to win the next two to finally make a BCS appearance.  Of course, the Texans are without their starting QB and the Coogs are only favored by 3 this Friday at Tulsa. 

Commentary has never been one of those that show up at the stores the day after Thanksgiving to buy stuff.  I usually wait until mid December.  I think it is kind of ridiculous to open the stores at 8 pm Thanksgiving evening.  The employees aren’t even given a day to give thanks.

Speaking of, even the Christmas tunes started early on the radio this year.  They usually wait until Thanksgiving Day but I was twirling the dial and voila – there they were. 

New Radio 92.1 FM is now on the air so check it out.  Who knows?  Maybe they will start giving some air time to local campaign races and local politics.  Maybe they will do remotes from The Roundtable!

The great Ken Griffey, Jr. of course has 630 career dingers and never played in World Serious.

Hall of Fame great Stan “The Man” Musial of course had 725 career doubles, 3,630 career base hits, and 1,951 career RBIs.

“Stan the Man” is celebrating his 91st BD today and has been under the weather lately.  Junior is celebrating his 42nd BD today.

My pal Drayton officially turns over the keys to The Yard tomorrow.


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