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What goes around comes around!  I don’t think the GOP is too happy with the new maps that were issued yesterday by federal judges.  I’m guessing that they won’t be happy when the new Congressional maps are issued any day now.  Greed is not good, fellas!

It looks like things will be a bit more interesting in certain State House Dem primaries.  Stay tuned!

Folks need to start paying attention to the City Council, District A run-off.  I’m hearing some scary things about CM Brenda Stardig’s opponent.   There will be more on her later.

Commentary dropped by The Dean’s annual reception last night.  The Dean was introduced by his Chief of Staff Lara Wendler.  Lara is one of the best at the State Capitol.  The Dean is lucky to have her running his ship.  The Dean announced that his daughter Whitney is now engaged to John Jenkins.  (John used to work for Commentary before he decided to get better educated and get a real job.)  Congrats to Whitney and John!

Commentary got meet Lara’s hubby, Austin CM Mike Martinez.  He’s a real nice fella.

The Hand Doctor showed up last night at the reception.  What’s up with that?  That was kind of weird.

Who holds the MLB record for career dingers as a Designated Hitter (DH)?

Would somebody please yank Herman Cain off of the stage?  The joke is no longer on him, it’s him!  Cubans don’t speak Cuban.  Mexicans don’t speak Mexican.  And the Irish don’t speak Irish.

Guv Dude is still hanging around and now wants to do away with Congress, sort of.  Poor Dude!  Somebody needs to show him the Constitution.

David Ortiz of course holds the DH record for career dingers with 331.  The Big Papi is celebrating his 36th BD today!

The ‘Stros sale will be made official Tuesday.  The new owner says he wants input from the fans on all sorts of stuff like uniforms and logos.  We don’t need a new logo or uniforms if you ask me, but they don’t ask me. 



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